About Me

1.When was the last time you smiled? 5 minutes ago

2.Last thing you said out loud: Son of a biscuit!

3.How many different things did you drink yesterday? 3 - iced tea, water, capri-suns

4.What colour is your toothbrush? multicolored- red, white, and purple

5.Name three things you see when you look out of the nearest window: - front lawn, my rose bushes, our street.

6.What is the last thing you spent money on? my dog's Bordetella vaccine

7.What colour is your front door? white

8.What is the weather like today? beastly hot

9.A hug or a kiss? both!

10.What are you listening to right now? computer humming

11.If the year consisted of only one season, which season would you choose? spring!

12.Name three of your favourite sounds: ocean waves, fire crackling, soft jazz

13.Tattoo or tongue piercing? maybe a tattoo when I get a midlife crisis

14.Can you describe your day in one word? productive

15.Who was the last person you fought with? my little brother

16.Can you handle the truth? sometimes

17.In the next month, what are you looking forward to most? seeing my nursing buddies

18.What are you wearing? white shirt and black yoga pants

19.What is bothering you right now? temperature it's freaking hot

20.Was last New Year's enjoyable? It was ok

21.Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours? Channing Tatum --er.. I mean my hubby

22.Has anyone disappointed you recently? yes

23.What does your shampoo smell like? Citrus-like

24.Did you have a tree house as a kid? no

25.Ever been sailing? No -- god I'm boring!

26.Are you afraid of speaking/performing to large audiences? after a shot of tequila.. no

27.What's your largest audience so far? about 300 people. I was in show choir in HS

28.What is your best creative skill? Twist the stem of a cherry? hehe jk.. I watercolor

29.What picture is on your desktop? my doggie

30.How long was your longest stay in a hospital? As an admit, Never. As a nurse, 12 hours

31.How many best friends do you have? 1

32.Do you have a dream car? BMV m6 convertible .. black

33.Do you have a scar with a story? not really

34.Last CD you bought? I don't buy CDs anymore I've got iTunes

35.Food you absolutely dislike: raw oysters.. it taste like body odor

36.Do you like attention? Sometimes

37.The last movie/series you watched: The Avengers/True Blood

38.Are you ashamed of a band you like(d)? The Hansons haha

39.In how many countries have you ever set foot? 3

40.Are you left handed? no

41.Something you could talk about forever: hospital and patient experiences.. nursing school stuff

42.A smell you like: campfire

43.Favourite number: 8

44.Name five things you could grab from where you are right now: water bottle, pens, white out, hand sanitizer, tissue paper

45.Is there a trick you can do that you're really proud of? I'm pretty flexible for my "size"

46.What's the last book you read? Fat Belly Diet

47.Do you like tea? Love em'

48.Are you a cat person or a dog person? Dog

49.Ever been to a chocolate factory? No

50.Are you a good liar? No

51.Are you a vegetarian? sometimes

52.Do you recycle? all the time

53.Two names you like: Liam and Raleigh (the names of my future children)

54.Are you superstitious? sometimes

55.What's ironic?
<><> <><> <><>

56.What's your second name? I have none

57.Something you are afraid of: small lizards

58.Silver or gold? silver

59.A subject you don't know anything about: Particle and thermodynamic -- hubby talks about often...I nod my head and smile

60.Name one of the most memorable places you've ever been: Exploring some awesome sea caves in Santa Cruz island.

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