Skinny Jeans Challenge

We all have some sort of weightloss goals measured in unique ways. My goal is to eventually fit into all these various sizes and achieve my ultimate weightloss goal. Each of these jeans has a story to tell and these are mine.

Goal #1 - No more Stretchy Pants - American Eagle Jeans size 8


This is the all familiar jeans that's in my closet right now. I refuse to buy a bigger size because for one, I'm broke.. and second I've got soo many.. but they don't fit.. yea I'm crazy. So I suffer the consequence of muffin tops and snug as hell fittings. The first goal  is for a looser fit that does not strangle and squeeze my internal organs haha.

Goal #2  Lucky Jeans Size 3/27 circa 2010

Goal #3 Aerospostale Pin Stripe Pants Size 3/4 circa 2008

Goal #4 Forever 21 Cordoroy Jeans Size 3 circa 2005

Final Goal Forever 21 Jeans Size 1 circa 2004 circa 2004