Saturday, February 1, 2014

Expecting the Unexpected

I just wanted to drop in and see how's everyone doing in the blogging world. I haven't been in here in awhile. So figured to see what everyone's been up to and give a little update.

Work is work and although it is not the unit I'd like to be in forever---it is a start so I'm looking at it at that angle. I like to think Im the best thing that ever happen in the field of nursing LOL but in reality I'm just a new grad that don't know anything. So this is the time to suck it up.. build my skills and keep eye on the prize aka "ideal job".

I'm also going back to school and get my BSN.  this should be fun haha *insert sarcasm here* Going back to school was the last thing I want to do but its a way to better myself and my career -- so I'm all for it!

And lastly I am expecting.. 6 weeks :) Who would have thought I'm this fertile after stress from nursing school? LOL Everyone is excited cuz it's our first.

I should have kept quiet but I'm getting all excited about it

I hope everyone is having a great week!