Monday, February 27, 2012

30 Day Challenge -- I'm sure you've head of this from me before...

Okay to save my sorry-ass from February.. I'm setting a challenge for myself this coming March.

I'll make it even simplier than before because with nursing school I have about 1 inch clearance for personal life. It's tough and sometimes I hate it.

I hate school

I hate homework

I hate reading

I hate clinicals

I hate group projects

I hate flakey people

I hate lazy people

I hate know it all people


I feel so much better.


I digress.

So goal for March is just to establish 20 minute exercise 5x a week

Ok fun time is over.. back to my kennel

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Insert Witty Title Here.

Quick update :

Clinic was a lot better. I was assigned to better nurses and actually learned something. It was actually fun -- busy and felt like an idiot -- but still fun!

Diet regimen was a wreak. I confess to chocolate chip cookies and pizza and chicken tenders. And to add to that shameful list I haven't exercised at all since week 2 came upon me.

So the 2 lbs till goal weight reversed and I'm back to where I started.  Yuck.

I am officially at the backsliders club of weightloss and trying to eat right. I would feel bad but I'm way to busy to think about stuff other than school.

I'll do better March!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Belated Valentines

Home-made candle holders out of beer bottles -- turned out cute!
Made a special valentines day dinner for the Mister.

  • Crown pork roast in tangy sweet sauce, garlic, rosemary and onion
  • corn bread stuffing with celery, carrots, cranberry and bacon
  • asparagus
  • german potato salad with dill
  • strawberry shortcake for dessert

oh yea.

Table spread

roasted asparagus and extra stuffing

Daisy helping out by "washing" dishes

fresh strawberries soaked in rose water and home-made almond sweetened cream

Did I get some? You bet I did. --- I meant the strawberry shortcake... :-P

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Goal is 2 --- it's harder than it looks!

February goal is 165 lbs.  -- that's 2 lbs from where I'm standing this morning. I've been trying to sneak in 20 minutes of spin biking everyday. I've missed 3 consecutive days because I didn't find the energy in me.

Although I'm always on my feet for 7 hours in clinic, an extra 20 min cardio would definately be beneficial the the weightloss cause.

I'm eating a whole lot better. I'm opting for the whole wheat variety and I'm slowly conquering the sweet monster.

My lunch box looks like this:

8 oz of Lean Shake Vanilla or Chocolate
a handful of raw almonds
a handful of carrots
an apple
or sometimes I added an organic rice cake

Suprisingly enough it gets me through the day. What's difficult is when I drive home for an hour and all these fast food places taunt me like an alcoholic passing by a liquor store. 

I tell myself I need to get home and study and I don't have time to stop and order something. Which suprisingly works like a charm... for now anyways lol

Update on school, I started the first clinic day yesterday. It could have been a great first time experience, but I had a lousy nurse, who didn't want anything to do with me.  Nurses do eat their young... for breakfast...lunch.. and dinner... probably half portion for afternoon snack.

Don't get me wrong, she's nice... but unreceptive to me. I was clear and friendly and damnit --- eager to work with her and see how she does her magic on the floor. I can be downright charming!  But she just told  me to take vitals and unspokenly told me to get out of her way lol

Oh well.. it was frustrating I have to admit. But you can't hit hole in ones with other people. I have yet to toughen my skin.

It was so embarrasing losing it and getting all emotional with my instructor. I didn't think it was professional of me to tear up like a fracking baby.

 I hated myself yesterday for losing control.

Damn you hormones! Who fracking cries during OB?! -- me!

Next week I'll do fracking better. It'll be a lot easier because I know what is expected of me and if my assigned nurse is like the previous one. I'll find another nurse that is willing to teach me and where I can learn.

First major exam is on Wednesday. Study time.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Lunch/Dinner Favorite and New Heartrate monitor

Week 2: Sunday

The first week of school breezed by! Geez I can already imagine how crazy it will be in the weeks to come. I have 8 weeks of OB and another 8 week of Med-surg and quite frankly, I'm not really sure I'm all looking forward to it -- Medsurg anyway. I heard it's one of the "milestones" of nursing school

I've been really good in keeping up with the 20 minute exercise plan for this semester. I bought a heartrate monitor which is AWESOME!

It has a lot of cool features like a countdown calorie which is a great motivator to put in as much exercise as possible. It has an interval timer (which I also love) that I use often when I do my circuits and at the spin bike.

Another cool thing I've got going on is making this super easy and very versatile dish that I think it's a great alternative to pizza. I'm always on the go, so it's difficult to put too much time in the kitchen

I use Whole Wheat Naan bread from Trader Joes, 4 slices of fresh tomatoes, and about an ounce of monterey cheese. Broil it tilll the cheese are melted and golden brown

Anyway I thought to share that because I freaking LOVE IT!

I hope you lovelies are having an awesome week! I love hearing from you, so please don't be a stranger!

Much love oxox

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Whole lot better!

Today was definately a whole lot better.

Breakfast was multi-grain PEANUT BUTTER Cheerios!!!!! it was freaking amazing :)
Lunch was Lean Shake, carrot sticks, handful of raw cashews, and 1 clementines
Dinner was whole wheat naan bread with tomatoes and monterey cheese

Golly. I've got to admit today's meals were stellar!

School is yet to be stressful... I got 3 major test coming up Wednesday.... lame-oh
It's first week and I probably saw enough vaginas to last me a life time ...  that's OB to you  Well you can't be a nurse without getting up close and REALLY up close and personal.

Can't wait to play with babies.. I heard it's the best.. eh... we'll see about that.

Much love ladies! Stay gorgeous! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh boy --- here we go!

Quick update :  First day of my second semester today. And what a way to start the 16 weeks than a math test! 90% is passing --- and I did! yay!

I packed my lunch: I had a couple of carrot sticks, 2 cuties, a handful of raw cashews and my Swiss chocolate lean shake... Sound healthy right? lol

Ate Panda Express instead, with my buddy lol.  oh dear...  would it count that I donate my lunch for a good cause? (I saw a man with a sign that says hungry, so I offered him my uneaten lunch since I didn't touch it at all)  Probably not.

Shame... shame... double shame! 

I'll do better tomorrow I promise... :)

anyway, I'm off to workout! and study tonight!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am such a slacker.. I am such a slacker.. I am such a slac..

I know I've been so bad not updating this blog.

My reason is that I was updating another one... yes I am a cheater and a slacker as well lol

I have a 3fc account, which I updated almost everyday. I simply bounce back and forth from this blog to that one.

My plan is to make this blog more geared into the general sense of my nursing school experience and my efforts in getting healthy. 

So school is starting in a week! It's OB first half and Med-surg second. Joy!

I actually started reading and brushing up on dosage calcs. Yes I have a quiz first day...

Anyway, I've managed to shed about 3 lbs this break.. Whoa! yea I know ... SAD.

I have a different plan this semester. I'm totally avoiding junk and fast food. I'm surrounding myself with wholefoods, fruits, veggies for snack time studying.

And of course, I'm forcing myself to workout 10-20 minutes everyday.  Yes.. 10-20 minutes. Last year I didn't do squat. I did like 1-2x but I got too overwhelmed.

Maybe this semester wouldn't be as horrible and I will have a better hand in managing my time.

I have an event to go to on April -- which I'd like to be cute and slim by then

I also have a wedding on October -- which I also like to be cute and slim by then .. LOL

I'm laughing at myself with all this goals.. I'm like a chronic goal setter. 

Hopefully by the end of this process, I actually achieve this statements and not make a fool out of myself :)