Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's rotting in my closet

Cute Clothes I couldn't wear - argh!

I started off this awesome break with some major cleaning. I was organizing my closet and found all the adorable outfits that's been waiting for me to try on, but I've gotten way "happy" to wear them.

This one is so perfect for spring - I adore white sundresses!

Love the texture of this outfit
I'm just so bummed I can't quite "fit" in it the way I want it to fit. But the season is young and nothing motivates me more.

I've noticed that I've been way too comfortable being frumpy and not taking care of myself as I should. Somehow I managed to trade in my jeans with wearing stretchy pants instead.

Come to think of it I've been coming to class wearing yoga pants all semester.

I remember reading some of my favorite bloggers saying that she wears her tightest jeans to prevent her from going off plan. It really is an awesome idea!

Today I started off with egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast. I haven't had any lunch only because I don't feel hungry just yet.

I've been cleaning the house so I'm adding that for today's workout. I promise I will bust out my workout DVDs and do one later in the afternoon.

Till then happy living! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally! I'm busting out for Spring Break!! -- Woo-hoo!!

Hey lovelies,

Thank you so much for the being a regular visitor and leaving awesome comments. I love hearing from y'all! :)

So I emerged from my study hole and took the final this morning. I had breakfast --- steak and eggs burritos from Carl's Jr. LOL

I didn't want my stomach to make whiney noises while I'm taking the test. So I grabbed the quick bite. I know it's not the greatest choice. Bad Gertie.. Bad! *hand slap*

But I made up for the gigantic caloric load by having sensible dinner. So I think we're even.

So quick note on one of my readers question about the nursing program.  I'm the ADN program, which is 2 years of school. I graduate Spring 2013 -- which is SOO right around the corner. It's so crazy how things are just going by real fast.

I'm planning to get my Bachelors after 1 year of just working. I figured that would help me having some experience under my belt. I just found out from my friend S that there's a BSN-MS program you can take at Mr. Saint Mary's College, so I'm looking into that as well.

But right now, I'm just focusing on passing second semester. I'll be brushing on physiology and doing a whole alot of reading.

Nursing school is a whole different universe that transforms who you are and your way of thinking.

It takes over EVERYTHING. But I don't see it as something negative. I am committed to this, so what else is there to expect?

Some people notice other people's clothes when they meet them. Others notices their looks. I, on the other hand do mental care plans of people I met. Oh yea and veins.. I look at people's veins and think about how am I gonna start IVs on them.. yes weird! But it happens hehe

Yea I'm such I nerd.. don't I know it. :)

So I'm officially on VACA!!!  My plan? I'm gonna work out and eat right. And update the good ol' blog daily!

But tonight -- I'm kicking off my shoes and having a smirnoff :) Night y'all! *paula dean style*

Friday, March 23, 2012

Last clinic day and counting down to med-surg

I'd hate to jinx myself by saying but it was a good week. Got an 89% on my OB test, I finally had 2 successful IV starts, I've been stellar with my "diet" and overall (other than sleeping a lot less) it's was a good week

My finals is this coming Wednesday and Friday. Now I'm gonna be living underground (on top of all the books I have)

 I have Spring break (woo-hoo!) for a week and back to the grinder with Med-surgery

It's not gonna a total vege for Spring break. I had to do some review on physiology and then start reading the modules for the class

I also wanted to start working out again -- In full force. I'm thinking at least 2x a day for a couple of hours each session .. hehe.. You think it's possible? I will let you know once it's over

Today I was assigned inTriage. It was dead in the first 4 hours then it picked up towards the end of the 6 hours for the day.  I made a comment about the fact that it was "slow" and how "quiet" it was and one of the nurse "scolded" me.

Apparently saying how slow or quite the day was is a Nurse Taboo

I never heard of that and I thought it was kind of silly especially for a profession whose foundations is evidenced-based practice and science, to be slaves of superstition.

The nurse didn't bother to elaborate, she just said it was bad to say that it's slow or quiet. I continued to say it just to piss her off.

She wasn't very friendly.

The theme for the day was baby boys and 16 year old mothers... Which astounded me the first time I pulled the curtain and discovered that my "mom" was a baby herself.

I felt even more awkward when they ask me if I have any kids.

"No but someday yes"..

Usually any females less than 20 usually have a long, difficult labor.. for one their pelvis aren't developed enough to give birth.. so I feel so bad for them because I know it's gonna be hell in the next several hours till that baby is born

Some of these girls are super petite.. theyre really just bellies.

I tried my very best today to make them feel supported. I mean I can imagine how freaking scary this all is.

I think that's what I love most about nursing. Is feeling needed and knowing you made a difference in their lives. That rapport you build with your patients is so intoxicating.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Five Days Sugar Free

Take that! Mr. Fat!

It has been 5 days since I had any dessert.  And it has been a rough ride. Sugar/Dessert is an addiction for me. I crave it and fantasize about it. It's always in my face

When I'm feeling crappy, I get the urge to go to the store and buy a bagful of chocolate kisses.

It's not a pretty site.

Couple months back I went to Vegas and boughy 2 dozen french macarroons


It was suppose to be for my Mom and sister --- a thank you present for house-sitting for us that weekend. Well it never got to them since I ate every stinking cute yummy morsels

These babies are pure white sugar and egg whites. I couldn't resist the merenge consistency and the chocolate ganash or rasberry filling or the pistachio cream center.

Yes I have a problem. I don't have the control to take a bite and walk way --- not yet anyway.

I also cannot be in the same room with ANY type of dessert.  Hello, my name is Gertie and I'm a sugar addict.

But I'm so proud of my progress so far. I haven't succumb to the call of the sugary siren. So I know I'll get stronger eventually

I can feel it.

So what do I do when I get that feeling that I need something sweet? (this usually happens after any meal)

I drink tea with honey. For some reason, the warm liquid puts out the cravings.

Anyway, I'm taking baby steps. I'm fighting sugar now and that's all I'm concentrating on.

School-wise -- I have 2 days of clinic left in OB. I get to work with the nurses in the Operating Room and get to watch a Cesarean birth. It was pretty exciting. I never thought that when the surgeon take a low transverse cut through the amniotic sac that it bursts like a freaking geyzer.  There is a splash zone in the OR (I thanked my lucky stars I wasn't in it at the time)

It was very exciting. I always found myself getting emotional and teary eyed every time babies are born. It's truly a miracle.

It feels like these adorable babies are my own. In essence, I feel like I have 5 kids in counting

Does the experience make me want to have kids? --- Hell to the Fracking No :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Delivery Room experience --- whoa mama

First time vag delivery experience. whoa nelly... But it was such an awesome experience and I felt honored to be apart of it. My pt-mom was amazing :)

I quickly got over the whoa-is-that-what-I-think-it-is.. Everything happens so quickly.

Actually it felt like I'm always saying "whoa" (in my head of course) through out labor and delivery. I'm starting to sound like Joey from the show Blossoms.

I also got my first real time IV start --  with a freaking godzilla of needles.. 18-freaking-gauze needles are never fun.. for the pt or the student nurse.

I wasn't successful.. real bummer about that. I think they're were about to induce her, so I didn't even got a second try.  That's a snip in my ever so large ego.


I suck.

Not sure if I wanted to do anything OB for my preceptorship this summer( that is if I pass Med-surg in 2nd semester). But we'll see.. 

I definately like post-surgery/recovery a lot better.

In other weightloss news... my weight blows and I didn't get to workout yesterday. I'll try to make it up today and get a good workout

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PB Cup Finatics --- Feast Your Eyes on This!

I am a lover of peanut butter cups.

I can put Reese's pieces out of business ...

I could eat Peanut butter with rice if I could! ---- Ok. that seem gross, but you get the picture :)

The diet ordeal has put my PB cup days to a stagnant end.  But I think finding this awesome product will get me back to PB heaven.

It's called PB2! It's powdered peanut butter extraordinaire!! I can MAKE my own peanut butter cups with less sugar -- How freaking awesome is that?!

It comes in 2 different flavors : Peanut butter and PB with chocolate. I got the one with chocolate of course.

Anyway, I'm planning to add some PB magic in my vanilla lean shakes to make it a little interesting.

But the possibility of recipe is grand and I can't wait to do some culinary experiments with this baby!

Wooo-pee! :)

Update on the diet front. Diet choices are doing well only because hubby is off travel, so I don't eat as much or often. He seems to make want to eat all the time :-P

Exercise -- I'm heading off to do some ZWOD routine

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I would love to hear from you, so please don't be a stranger and say hi :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Good-bye Postpartum --- Hello Labor and Delivery

Four weeks in postpartum has come to an end. Next week --- Labor and delivery -- oh boy.. or girl!

I have mixed feelings about it all, only because I am so bad at things when I have no idea what to expect. My hope is that I'll get over it soon and somehow managed to get a good nursing experience.

Anyway, I went shopping at Trader Joes which is this awesome, somewhat affortable health food store in my area.

I got a whole lot of great healthy goodies -- no sweets! So I'm expecting this month to start off awesome.

I still feel pissed about not hitting my weight mark last february -- I was so freaking close. It's so difficult when I can only put in about 40% towards anything "weightloss".  But I'm so putting whatever time I can spare.

I'm getting good at walking with Daisy for 20 mins every other day, which I think is an improvement from not getting exercise at all.

But honest to goodness I feel disgusting inside.  It's getting harder and harder to breathe at night and I've been having some funky palpitations and it scares the shit out of me.

I don't know if its just anxiety from school, stress, what I eat.. it's probably all of the above.

I seriously can't live like this.

If I don't make the changes soon, I'll lose that chance and have a heart attack.

As you can tell, this scares the bejesus out of me. My mom started hypertensives meds at 38.. I am 31. so shit.. yea the apple probably will not fall too far from the tree if I don't do anything.

It's amazing how much we take our health for granted and place it in the back burner.

I am 5'2

171 lbs

BMI of 31 Obese catergory

What kind of a nurse would I be if I can't even role model for my patients? What a joke.