Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Banana "Pancake"

1 egg
1 ripe banana
handful of raw almonds

  • Mash banana and beat egg with it
  • melt just a little bit of butter ** optional but it made it a whole lot of difference in taste (in my opinion)
  • Cook it like a pancake
  • Garnish with almonds


I'm actually very surprised with this recipe because I didn't think it would taste good and it sure it. But the awesome part of it is that it has lots of protein but less on the "bad" carbs that comes with regular pancakes. I like it! and would make it again when I'm craving pancakes

My only suggestion is probably make the size of the pancake smaller in order to flip it over the pan easier. The whole mixture is soggy and since there's no flour to bind it together better there's high risk of your pancake falling apart.

Haha I've been behind with my 30 Day Weightloss Challenge questions. I've been somewhat busy (I know right? even after nursing school -- there's never a nonbusy day). What I'm doing is mostly applying to several places all day but each application is so long and tedious that it usually takes me the whole morning and parts of the afternoon.

By the time I finish I had to go to the gym and by then the Mister comes home and we hang out the rest of the night.

So anyway here goes the question:  Why am I losing weight? And Do any one in my life know that I'm trying to lose weight. (This is 2 day questions)

I am losing weight because I want to look good and be healthy. It's a simple as that. I'm not trying to impress anyone other than myself. It is also due to health reasons. My mom started on Procardia in her middle 30s.. I honestly don't want to fall into that. Hypertension and stroke ran in my family. At least I know if I am in better shape that I can somewhat beat the odds and live a little longer.

Also the hubs and I are planning to have kids in the near future so I want to be physically healthy to take on that tasks. It's crazy how much stress a woman has to go through bringing a child to the world --- literally and figuratively speaking!

Damnit! I'm still losing hair! It's thinning so much I'm freaking out. I still haven't figured out but I'm betting on low thyroid levels. I have a doctor's appointment soon so hopefully the labs will give a clue to what's the deal.

And yes, T knows I'm trying to lose weight. Although he always tell me that he has heard about this for years now and he has yet to see anything. LOL I know right? so much for support But I honestly don't let it get to me. Life happens and if its a 3 year plan or 10 year weightloss plan so be it. What matters is that I'm not giving up and I'm making and implementing changes.

Have a great week all! I'm off to enjoy my "pancake"! Cheers!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let's Go to the Job Fair!!

It was actually a last minute thing. My BNB (best nursing buddy haha.) asked me if I wanted to come so I'm like suuuurrreee....

It was at least 99 degrees outside that day. And I was wearing a freaking suit. By the end of it all, I was sweating behind all the places I did not existed (like behind my knees).

After a couple of hours I limped back to my car (my shoes were killing me).

So the job fair was advertised at one of the "largest" held in my area... ahh.. no.

There was one healthcare related company and they're only asking for volunteers.


Anyway the good thing about it all was when my BNB and I went to Marie Callender's afterwards and had pie (to smooth our bruised, disappointed hearts.. no doubt)

Can you tell I went off the diet --- so readily I might add.

Hopefully there would be more opportunities in the future. We were joking around about opening our own facility and hire all new grads.. with that we would all have jobs haha.

Anyway that's my bitch and grip for the day :-3

Okay! onto weight loss Day 4! The question was: what is my greatest fear in weightloss.
I suppose my greatest fear is becoming so smoking hot and getting into a lot of debt because I will be spending a lot of money shopping every chance I get because well.. now clothes will fit me so much better and I'll be totally cute right? haha

But seriously.. It's not much of fear but more of being out of the comfort zone. It means I have to constantly watch my diet.. I have to constantly have to exercise and honestly it takes too much effort and too much energy to actually lose weight. There. I've said. I'm plain old lazy.

I like not having to think about what I'm eating all the freaking time.

Really...isn't that what we all must do (initially anyway) to jumpstart weightloss? Is to watch your portions.. watch the type you shove in your mouth?

Wow I never realize how therapeutic this is.

Okay so how about doing a lifestyle change. Been there done that.

I guess the whole point of this all is do what works for you. In my case, it's probably a slow and steady process and eating the right stuff gradually.

My biggest challenge is probably portion and the choices I make. I am an notorious emotional eater.

What about you what is your hang-ups or fear when it comes to losing weight?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pleasantly Suprised

I just wanted to say thank to you to everyone who has been following my journey from nursing school till now :) Quite honestly it feels really good knowing that someone actually reads the stuff I write about over here. I appreciate you all!

Also I would like to do some same, so please if I don't have your blog address let me know so I can also follow your journey.

So going back to the 30 Day Challenge list I posted yesterday. This is Day 3

I don't believe in "thinspiration" because I don't want to be thin --- I want to be healthy and gravitate more on having toned muscles.

Let me list the specifics. Healthy as in good numbers ie. blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglycerides... Geez the last time I got my cholesterol checked it was 190. I think it's still hella-high. My blood pressure has significantly improved since I finished school.. haha probably attributed to a lot less stress.

But anyway, here is my "fitspiration"

I guess most can say that the epitome of fitness is having a flat stomach... six pack.. whatever. But I love a good toned legs.  Hopefully with more zumba I'll tone my legs in to time!

So there it is folks. I hope everyone is enjoying their week!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's always a weightloss challenge

I came across this picture and I thought it's rather interesting because it provides you daily reflections that relates to one's weightloss.

I think is helpful because losing weight is really never about the actual loss of fat in our bodies but rather a gain of self-awareness.

Of what you want

Of where you want to go

Of how you are going to get there.

I pretty much cover the question for Day one...but let's review:
CW: 170 lbs
GW: 140 lbs
time frame:  16 weeks
Height: 5'2

Hmm.. do I like my height. Honestly it'll be nice if I was a slight taller but hey that's just how the genes roll so who am I to bitch about it.

So today, I'm on track in the food department. And later on today I'm off to zumba.

Been applying to several places -- wow what a pain. It surprises me how there's all this talk to nurse shortages but most do not hire new grads.

Does that make sense to you?

What happen to beggars cannot be choosers? I'm a little frustrated that it makes me want to eat a nice fatty cheeseburger and call it quits.

But hey.. I've gone this far --- do you honestly think a thing like that would discourage me.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Reconstruction --- First Day

First Day of well.. post nursing school and NCLEX. I think eventually it will sink in when I'm working ---- soon I hope.

Right now I'm just revamping my resumes and scoping the job terrain that looks pretty fierce. The downside of it all is having very little experience and most hospitals are all over one year clinical experience minimum.

The goals for this week is..... *drumroll*
  • consistent exercise
  • cut down the carbs and processed food to 2 days a week
  • drink more water

I know it sounds pretty familiar because I've said that before. This time there's no more excuse or crutch to lean on.

My ultimate goal is by November-December to lose about 30 lbs.

Current/Goal Stats:
SW:  170 lbs
GW: 140 lbs
Time Frame: 16 weeks
Weekly Goal: 1-2 lbs loss

Fitness Plan:
  • 1-2 hours cardio session (Zumba/Kickboxing/Run) - 5 days/week
  • 30-45 minutues strength training/circuit - 3 days/week

Nutrition Plan:
  • Carbohydrate/Processed Food Reduction (limit to 2-3 days a week)
  • Hydration 2-3 L/day of water
  • green tea/black tea for appetite control
  • Sweet/dessert reduction limit to 2-3 days a week

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Verdict

I Freaking Passed!!!

Last night This morning at 3AM my hubby woke me. I patiently asked him if he knows what time it is and it's nowhere near the hour we're suppose to get up usually.

He "enthusiastically" kissed me saying that my license was just posted on the Board of Registered Nursing website!!!

Apparently this wonderful man of mine has been checking since 2 AM to see if the site updated. He was probably just as anxious as I was haha :)

Ahh... I can breathe now.

I honestly say it hasn't sunk yet haha.

I am so humbled. Thank you God for always looking out for me.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The AfterMath of NCLEX

Pre-game or Last Supper -- I guess it all depends on how you look at it

The battle with the NCLEX dragon commenced yesterday 0800 sharp.

Ego bruised and tattered to bits I came out of it after 6 hours when the screen went blank at 210 questions.

They weren't kidding about the NCLEX.

So nursing students -- don't be cocky. Study. Study till your eyes pop out. You never know what kind of questions you get or whether the NCLEX gods will smile upon you and give you the easy peasy question. Actually don't wish to get the easy peasy question because that means you're failing.

Mine started off actually--- doable. The questions were analytical but it wasn't so easy that I can just automatically know the answer -- I still have to think about it.

 After question 25 that's when I got pounded by the hammer of "select all that apply", priority questions, hot spots, and "sequential orders". I got one freaking math question! which was disappointing cuz those were easy. I had like 2 psychsocial questions which are also easy.

I honestly felt like the "computer" was punching in all directions aiming for a knockout. After the "75 question cut off" I wasn't sure if I should rejoice or cry because it means that I'm not in the passing line and required more questions. People that cut off at 75 either successful pass or successfully failed lol

So I took a piss, scarfed down one Danish (from the free continental breakfast at the hotel I stayed in overnight), sipped water and dove back in.

At 100 questions I started to panic -- thinking oh god I'm totally failing! But I guess it really depends of how you look at it because one may say it's still positive because the computer is still giving you questions -- there is still a chance. I took another break and ate the second Danish I smuggled from the hotel.

Question 180 is when the tension headache kicked in. I couldn't concentrate and I started getting the shakes! My brain was dried and needing to eat more than just a measly 2 cheese danishes. Unfortunately I don't have any other snacks left. I was pushing my body and my brain to cooperate and march on.

I had moments where I felt the urge to run and scream out of the room haha. I'm laughing now but it was super real at that moment. It was kind of like that flight or flight response you get when you need to get on stage but you're sh*t-faced nervous to do it.

I found myself praying for strength during the test. I honestly was starting to feel claustrophobic.  I wanted to just give up for the sake of just getting out of there.

But I mentally shook my head and reminded myself the very core reason why I am doing this and what I was striving for. There is no option to give up.

So by Question 205 I was praying for absolution. At this point the questions were becoming a blurr and they starting to look Greek to me. I honestly have no clue what was being ask anymore and was guessing. By this time my mind was screaming --- Kill me already. Then by question 210 the screen went blank and I was done.

I wobbled out of the test area.. took another piss. I took the elevator and waited for T to pick me up. I turned on my phone and found messages from my family and friends wishing me luck and that's when the tears came running down. I felt like I FAILED my whole family and everyone that was counting on me because there's no way in hell I would have passed with the way things were going down.

Test result comes in 48 hours. Till then I'm holding my breath.

To be continued....