Friday, March 8, 2013

Rough Semester

It has been a rough semester so far.. I'm so busy it's darn ridiculous. I'm tired, cranky and brain dead. Did AWFUL in my first exam. The questions seems so personal, as if the all the teachers are out to make sure I fail and never become a nurse.

Sigh.. yea sounds pretty morbidly depressing.

I'm trying to cope with it by studying harder and doing better next time.. My only comfort right now is that knowing I'm not the only one that gotten a D on the first exam. In fact the majority of the class did.. Yikes..

Anyway, my health is also deteriorating lol .. I'm scheduled for an US next Friday and hopefully it's nothing serious.

but on a good note. I'm trying to put my best foot forward and just freaking survive nursing school

I kept my gym membership I figured it'll force me to get some exercise -- if I have a free 30 minute in the week -- which is rare as I anticipated in the beginning.

two-12 hour shifts with homework in between is brutal. I wake up at 430 to get to school, don't get back till 9pm. I stay up till 1030 to finish my careplan that's due the next day. Wake up again at 430 then go home at 9pm.. fun fun fun

Thank god it's only 2 consecutive days..

Anyway I hope everyone is doing good :)

Happy Friday! <3

Back to studying.