Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ummm... hello?

It has been awhile... Shoot! It has been a million years since I visited and updated this blog. I don't even know if all my online friends are still updating their blogs.

Well 2 years and 80 lbs weight gain later. I am back. Turning a new page in life after nursing school, getting my RN license and having a baby... who is now a rambunctious 2 year old.

Ahh... life has been good to us. But not on my waistline. So I am back to document my 2nd journey to sexiness haha... or should I say to being healthy. I have a little one to worry about now and to model good lifestyle for.  So here are some updates (if anyone who read this cares haha) just for the sake of putting the chapters of my life together.

1.   Been an RN for 3 years now and been promoted to Charge Nurse at the hospital I work in. It is not as prestigious as one would think. It's hard work and really stressful. I work nights which I enjoy (for now) since it gives me more time with my son. I don't charge often but on shifts that I do. It definitely takes toll physically.

2.  I am back to my pregnancy weight 182 lbs. I am still wearing my pregnancy scrubs! Which is sooooooooo sad.

3.  Weight has always been a struggle isn't it? It goes up and down and up and down and circle all around :/

Anyway, I will make it a point to update and jot down my thoughts and struggles here this time around

See y'all :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Coffee and Stitches

Since I'm 5 weeks postop I still can't do much as far as my usual activity level (which I must confess I miss) I actually enjoy working out which I think the easiest part in the weight loss duo of nutrition and exercise. I am being conservative because despite how great (pain free) I feel, the last thing I need is for this thing to dehisce -- no bueno

Today's food report consist of coffee and left over chicken alfredo pasta and ended with Hawaiian bread/cream cheese. Not very proud of it. But I am confident I'll get better for the coming weeks.

My goal is to lose 10 lbs by the end of November. I figured keep it simple and doable (I think -- haha)

I saw this post and thought what a great idea to start this journey (again) :)
But I'm going to tweak it a bit.

A Month Without :

November = Going out to eat
December = Soda/Artificial Juices
January = Bread/white rice
February = Candy/Chocolate
March = All sweets
June = Chips/Salty snacks
July = Prepackaged foods

My goal is to build upon these challenges and eventually going all natural by the end of it all.

I am currently 166 lbs and long term goal is to get down to 125-130s by Summer and definitely having a complete food/health makeover by that time.

So what are you giving up this month for your health/weight loss goal?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Motherhood and Loving it

It has been ages. Hello blogging world!

My little Karl is finally here and being his mom has turned my world upside and I'm loving every second of it. Granted it is hard but having my little man look and smile at me is all worth it.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 170. I had the worst nausea and vomiting that I went down to 162 lbs then at 39 weeks I was 185 lbs. I breastfed for a little bit but I couldn't make enough milk and it just all dried up eventually.

I am now 166 lbs. and looking forward to getting healthier for my little one. I had C-section so no workout just yet but I'm eating fairly well.

I'm still on leave. But looking into some changes in my nursing career, but that is a totally different story.

Anyway more updates to come. I miss blogging and hopefully with fingers crossed I'll get the chance to update

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Expecting the Unexpected

I just wanted to drop in and see how's everyone doing in the blogging world. I haven't been in here in awhile. So figured to see what everyone's been up to and give a little update.

Work is work and although it is not the unit I'd like to be in forever---it is a start so I'm looking at it at that angle. I like to think Im the best thing that ever happen in the field of nursing LOL but in reality I'm just a new grad that don't know anything. So this is the time to suck it up.. build my skills and keep eye on the prize aka "ideal job".

I'm also going back to school and get my BSN.  this should be fun haha *insert sarcasm here* Going back to school was the last thing I want to do but its a way to better myself and my career -- so I'm all for it!

And lastly I am expecting.. 6 weeks :) Who would have thought I'm this fertile after stress from nursing school? LOL Everyone is excited cuz it's our first.

I should have kept quiet but I'm getting all excited about it

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It has been a while!

Time has definitely went by quick since the last time I made an entry on this blog. I realized that it the chaos and being super busy never stop after nursing school. I am finally working and I LOVE.. Absolutely LOVE being a Nurse :) I love my patients -- nice, ones, grumpy ones, and scary ones a like haha.

I don't know for some reason I get reports about patients that are supposedly mean and scary but they're nice and pleasant to me. So I'm not sure what to say about that, other than people --- in general will respond to the types of energy you give them and so far that has worked with me *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I haven't been working out or eating any different since I started my journey as a tax payer LOL. But I tell you -- being on your feet for 12 hours day, running around and rarely getting the chance to sit down sure pays off!!

I lost 10 lbs since working I honestly did not think I'll ever got over that 173-170 lbs hump I've been on since --- FOREVER!  haha

Anyway I am 163 lbs. Haha you would think stress would make you fat. I know cuz that's how it was being in school. But not working apparently.

Maybe it's all a fluke -- but I'll take it! <3

I haven't gotten the chance to keep up with my favorite blogs and I sure hope everything is having a good holiday season!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Okra chips anyone?

I was at the natural health food store this morning and picked up some snackies for me this week. I came across the okra chips. I figured what's the harm in trying it -- I had sampled the kale chips and loved it very much.

I was... interesting. LOL

I can get used to it --- I think. :)

How open are you trying different foods if it means it's health and good for you?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guess Who Has A Job!!!

Me! Me! Me!

I got my first interview yesterday at a hospital. I was actually a bit nervous so I was giving myself the peptalk the whole time.

"Just be yourself."

"If don't get the job then think of it as practice for others interviews that will come along."

I arrived 30 minutes earlier just to give my interviewer time to wrap up whatever she was doing at that time.

I immediately clicked with my nurse manager -- she was really friendly and nice. I don't know I felt really comfortable with her and I think she was too. Chemistry was really good. I was interviewed by 2 people -- one of them was the nursing manager for the unit I applied for and the other one was the Director of Nursing. The DON was a lot more serious haha and actually she kind of got me a little nervous at first

I was asked a lot of professional, situations, behavioral, and clinical questions. Call me a nerd but I brushed up on my Professional book days before the interview just so I feel more prepared. Heck! I busted out my clinical skills book too just in case they ask me about anything that pertains to what I 've done in the past. But most of the stuff I reviewed were subjects that pertain to the unit that I applied for.

Anyway, towards the end I had lunch with the T and when I was driving home I received the call from them and they offered me the job! Haha how cool is that! :))

I still need to pass background check and my nurse manager told me that I'll be working day shift and she hopes that I start by early-mid October


I'm feeling a little weird because I really want to do well in my job and I'm anxious and excited at the same time.

But I guess I don't want to go all out and celebrate because I still need to get my offer letter but I just had to share my excitement :)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Banana "Pancake"

1 egg
1 ripe banana
handful of raw almonds

  • Mash banana and beat egg with it
  • melt just a little bit of butter ** optional but it made it a whole lot of difference in taste (in my opinion)
  • Cook it like a pancake
  • Garnish with almonds


I'm actually very surprised with this recipe because I didn't think it would taste good and it sure it. But the awesome part of it is that it has lots of protein but less on the "bad" carbs that comes with regular pancakes. I like it! and would make it again when I'm craving pancakes

My only suggestion is probably make the size of the pancake smaller in order to flip it over the pan easier. The whole mixture is soggy and since there's no flour to bind it together better there's high risk of your pancake falling apart.

Haha I've been behind with my 30 Day Weightloss Challenge questions. I've been somewhat busy (I know right? even after nursing school -- there's never a nonbusy day). What I'm doing is mostly applying to several places all day but each application is so long and tedious that it usually takes me the whole morning and parts of the afternoon.

By the time I finish I had to go to the gym and by then the Mister comes home and we hang out the rest of the night.

So anyway here goes the question:  Why am I losing weight? And Do any one in my life know that I'm trying to lose weight. (This is 2 day questions)

I am losing weight because I want to look good and be healthy. It's a simple as that. I'm not trying to impress anyone other than myself. It is also due to health reasons. My mom started on Procardia in her middle 30s.. I honestly don't want to fall into that. Hypertension and stroke ran in my family. At least I know if I am in better shape that I can somewhat beat the odds and live a little longer.

Also the hubs and I are planning to have kids in the near future so I want to be physically healthy to take on that tasks. It's crazy how much stress a woman has to go through bringing a child to the world --- literally and figuratively speaking!

Damnit! I'm still losing hair! It's thinning so much I'm freaking out. I still haven't figured out but I'm betting on low thyroid levels. I have a doctor's appointment soon so hopefully the labs will give a clue to what's the deal.

And yes, T knows I'm trying to lose weight. Although he always tell me that he has heard about this for years now and he has yet to see anything. LOL I know right? so much for support But I honestly don't let it get to me. Life happens and if its a 3 year plan or 10 year weightloss plan so be it. What matters is that I'm not giving up and I'm making and implementing changes.

Have a great week all! I'm off to enjoy my "pancake"! Cheers!