Saturday, June 15, 2013


Ahhh... it feels good to just do things without a schedule ---- for once! :)  So 2 weeks post-grad I've been taking some NCLEX workshop that cost me an arm and a leg (so I better go to them) last week. That was over and now I'm just enjoying the summer and recuperate!

After our Hawaiian vacation, I plan to hit the books again and study for my boards.

Workout -- I've been consistently going to gym everyday for an hour and it feels good to just sweating it all out

Food wise -- I also been doing good. I haven't succumbed to any sweets since the beginning of the month so I'm pretty stoked about that as well

My beginning weight was a whooping 176 lbs  and now I'm 170lbs. Most likely water-weight since I lost it all within 2 weeks of hopping back in the weightloss wagon.

This coming week's goal is :
  • intensify my workouts by increasing incline and resistance
  • increase veggie/fruit ratio
  • drink more water

Monday, June 3, 2013

Next Order of Business ---- NCLEX

Ahhh it's finally official! --- Look out world! Nurse Gertie is in the house!!!

It really does feel good --- no it's freaking spectacular to be done. But this is all just the beginning. I'm ready to proceed to next chapter of this journey and pass the NCLEX, get my license and finally practice :)

I'm also looking forward into getting healthy and losing all these post-school weight (haha kinda late post-baby weight)

I'll be updating more and focus a bit on losing weight and recuperating from this 2 year program

If I were to give advise to all the nursing student out there... it would be.
  • One, believe in yourself. Sometimes its so easy to doubt your own capabilities, you really know more than you think.
  • Two, never change your answer, the first answer is almost always the right one -- stop overthinking it and only answer that is being ask. If you must change the answer, it has to be 100% certainty -- not because it sounded good.
  • Three, pray or meditate.. whatever works to focus your energy and your mind to a positive place in times of stress (like before an exam or waiting for the result of your exam)