Friday, April 26, 2013

Late Night Post

Actually 11:30pm is pretty early for me. But I'm tired of looking at my notes and powerpoints. So I'd give my bugged eyes a break to do something I actually enjoy -- which is this :)

Crap.. 36 more days and counting.. shit.

Things move really fast don't they? I finally received my white graduation dress, my white shoes and stockings... It's sooo fracking surreal I don't feel it even if I pinch myself.

All I need is a passing grade in medsurg and I can finally breathe! It's torture -- you have no idea

I've got about 2 more -- wait. 3 more major exams to go and I need to pass these suckers. haha forget A's... just pass em' because honestly if anyone is THAT smart to ever go through these infinite amount of information to absorb and know -- frack.. might as well be a doctor.. because that's exactly how this feels like.

Nurses are like the gate keepers of patient care. We're doctors, pharmacist, physical therapist, case managers, psychologist, glorified waitresses.. the list goes on and on.. lol so yea... you kinda need to know like.. everything? :/

haha of course I'm over-exaggerating.

so 36 days.. I was filling out my NCLEX exam form.. got butterflies just thinking of finally having that 2 magical letters after my last name.... R.N :) Can't wait for that.

My love-bug booked a Hawaii trip post graduation so I'M FREAKING EXCITED.

God. I'd hate to have fat pictures on my dream vaca. But that's another stress added to passing nursing school and quite honestly I'm about yay high above quota.

So I'm not gonna think about it just yet. I'll worry about it when I'm done with this program..

June 2.. save that seat for me muthafracker.. because I'm going to graduate!!!!!

PS. Thank you soooo much you ladies. especially Jenny and Jewelz.. for all the awesome support. You ladies are the best <3

Goodnight! I'm hitting the books --eerrr. *splat*

Friday, April 5, 2013

it's all about the YODO


no really. I meant it  I am seriously SICK of school ... akkkk! 57 days and counting I think that's 7-8 weeks

It's seems a little surreal especially when my graduation dress, nurse pin are all ordered -- I honestly don't feel prepared for the real world LOL

but as many nurses say, the huge chunk of learning never stops and most of it is learned on the job. I'm currently rotating in ICU --- it's exciting and a bit intimidating well at first anyway... But as the week went by it wasn't as bad as I initially thought.. you learn soo much and that's one of the things I love about this rotation.

my clinical instructor is nice.. but she's menopausal lol.. I only say this because she's nice and joking around at one point then switches to scary-I'll bite your head off kind of deal. Not to me specifically, but I hear stories from others. So it makes me feel intimidated when I work with her. She's seems nice to me, but I'm always on my toes because I never what to see the scary side.

I figured whatever. I'm here to learn and I'll take it as that

What else.. I did better on the exam 2 -- barely. lol I'm sooo not out of the woods just yet, so I'm consistent in busting my ass in studying. My mom always tell me to relax and take time to rest. But I don't think she understands the intensity of nursing school.

I feel bad sometimes because the stress gets to me

I bark.. growl.. and snarl at people in my house.. my hubs and the doggie. And I feel guilty because I know it's not fair to them

I honestly can't handle anything else but school right now. and it sucks.

I guess it would have been even more difficult if I have kids. And it's amazing how others how juggle school and kids manage all of that.

Well I didn't plan on making this a mini novella titled whiner's corner: life of a nursing student.

Sorry for not updating [for those who follow my blog --- thank you all <3 ]  I have been living under a rock and numerous piles of textbooks. I was actually in spring break..

but what nursing student EVER have a spring break? To non-nursing students are like.. yay! spring break I'm going to the beach!

the nursing student would say, yay! spring break -- I can finally catch up on studying...

how crappy is that?

Anyway, was given the opportunity to get my ACLS certification for dirt cheap -- but I didn't take it cuz I needed to just concentrate on studying. so there.

Quite honestly, I did took advantage of sleeping in and sleeping early, so I don't feel as "tired" but I'm sure that will all change again on Monday

Anyway, diet is just as crappy. I haven't been to the gym or exercise for a LONG time and I'm feeling it

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good week :)