Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It has been a while!

Time has definitely went by quick since the last time I made an entry on this blog. I realized that it the chaos and being super busy never stop after nursing school. I am finally working and I LOVE.. Absolutely LOVE being a Nurse :) I love my patients -- nice, ones, grumpy ones, and scary ones a like haha.

I don't know for some reason I get reports about patients that are supposedly mean and scary but they're nice and pleasant to me. So I'm not sure what to say about that, other than people --- in general will respond to the types of energy you give them and so far that has worked with me *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I haven't been working out or eating any different since I started my journey as a tax payer LOL. But I tell you -- being on your feet for 12 hours day, running around and rarely getting the chance to sit down sure pays off!!

I lost 10 lbs since working I honestly did not think I'll ever got over that 173-170 lbs hump I've been on since --- FOREVER!  haha

Anyway I am 163 lbs. Haha you would think stress would make you fat. I know cuz that's how it was being in school. But not working apparently.

Maybe it's all a fluke -- but I'll take it! <3

I haven't gotten the chance to keep up with my favorite blogs and I sure hope everything is having a good holiday season!