Friday, March 8, 2013

Rough Semester

It has been a rough semester so far.. I'm so busy it's darn ridiculous. I'm tired, cranky and brain dead. Did AWFUL in my first exam. The questions seems so personal, as if the all the teachers are out to make sure I fail and never become a nurse.

Sigh.. yea sounds pretty morbidly depressing.

I'm trying to cope with it by studying harder and doing better next time.. My only comfort right now is that knowing I'm not the only one that gotten a D on the first exam. In fact the majority of the class did.. Yikes..

Anyway, my health is also deteriorating lol .. I'm scheduled for an US next Friday and hopefully it's nothing serious.

but on a good note. I'm trying to put my best foot forward and just freaking survive nursing school

I kept my gym membership I figured it'll force me to get some exercise -- if I have a free 30 minute in the week -- which is rare as I anticipated in the beginning.

two-12 hour shifts with homework in between is brutal. I wake up at 430 to get to school, don't get back till 9pm. I stay up till 1030 to finish my careplan that's due the next day. Wake up again at 430 then go home at 9pm.. fun fun fun

Thank god it's only 2 consecutive days..

Anyway I hope everyone is doing good :)

Happy Friday! <3

Back to studying.


  1. Oh Gertie! I'm so sorry! But if it makes you feel better, from what I hear that is normal to do poorly on the first major exam at this point. Something about it's to weed out the really bad ones because if you fail it, you really aren't cut out for it. You didn't fail. You may not have gotten the grade you wanted, but YOU DID NOT FAIL!

    Please take care of yourself -- I know it's hard to do with your current schedule, but at least try to eat well and drink water. Not only will you look better, but you'll feel better emotionally and physically. ((hugs)) You WILL get through this!

  2. That sucks about your first exam. But, idk, ask the other cohort about their studying habits if you know some of the graduating class members... also, tutoring is very good. Tutoring has been a lifesaver for me, I don't know if you have done tutoring thus far because I did frequently and the way it goes is excellent. Is one more packed lecture with all the highlights and sometimes the tutor throws questions and answers that she remembers from past tests.

    Anyways, Gertie I feel so stupid and want to let it out here if I may. I've had a horrible Spring break... some woman hit my car and we exchanged phone numbers and license plates, she did not have car insurance (or so she said) at the moment so she was gonna call me back with the info. I have been calling her for the past 5 days and nothing, she only answered once to say that she would call me later, my hopes are gone now. I have been cheated out of my kindness.

    Nursing school made me feel so kind and so trustful of everyone, and I have always been naturally like that as well. I hate that I found her facebook and she seems like a whole different person there, I feel like calling her and leaving horrible messages, but I don't wanna stoop to her level. Anyways, I feel happy that when we graduate we will be good nurses, and even in non-nursing situations hopefully we don't stoop so low as to lie to other peoples faces straight up. Good luck, I will continue to check... Meeks... or Marisa lol (My boyfriend nicknamed me Meeks, and is funny)...

    1. oh honey I'm sooo sorry about your car :(( I've had that happen to me so I totally understand and know what it's like. I don't think there's anything wrong with seeing the good in everyone, but it is unfortunate when some takes advantage of that. Have you ever thought of filing a police report? Maybe that would jolt her up and make her return your calls. You got her licence and plates so the authorities will most likely be able to pull her information so you can submit that to your insurance company.. and hopefully from there the insurance company will handle it for you. But what's most important is that are you ok and that you didn't injure yourself during this ordeal?? Well keep me update and if there's anything... if you need to talk to someone or vent I'm here for ya girl! :))
      Yea I was bummed with the bad grade but its a good wake up call because how I know what my parameters are.. we can only learn from our experience and go from there :)
      PS. yea it's not even worth wasting your precious energy on that lady. File the polie report and have your insurance take care of it.. God bless honey and good luck <3

    2. Yes, everyone is okay. I was there with my three little siblings in the library getting books and we got hit in the parking lot. We did not call the police, and apparently the library didn't catch anything on their cameras. I just filed a police report yesterday and hopefully she does something. Otherwise I am glad everyone is okay and the children did not get scared. I'm starting to forget about the situation, but everytime it comes back it distracts me, and puts me in a bad mood. Just a month left of school for this semester for me, and then my final one in the summer. Weather is getting nice here and it reminds me of how close I am to graduating. Can you imagine just a year ago we were having a life.
      Good luck Gertie, you will make it!!!


  3. Oh Gertie, forgot to tell you. Most likely you know about your studying style by now... but I record ALL lectures, and playing it back later and taking notes from it, and rewinding a lot and taking more notes helps me a lot. I have been doing good by far doing that...


    1. yea I use to record all my lectures but I honestly didn't find it helpful because most of my professors just ramble on filling in the time. This program really relies on reading the endless pages of Brunners and critical thinking.. which sucks cuz my brain is fried lol

  4. Hang in there! One of my besties in in a nursing program on the east coast & she says its so hard but it will be worth it :)

    Love your blog!

    please follow back if you can!

    Chelsea m.

  5. omg.. O__O that's.. CRAZY! I thought my spring quarter schedule is terrible but your schedule is insane?!? WOW! I never knew how hard it is to become a nurse. You get grilled!!

    Btw, May I asked which nuring degree are you pursuing? :)

    Anyway!! HEEYY!! I'm also in a similar boat.. But I haven't face an extreme waves as yours.. I hope you are fending for yourself well. Try not to get sick. Oh please.. the worse is getting sick during these stressful and crazy time of your life!!
    But don't get sick!!

    I hope for the best! when you get out from spring break, please update your blog again so I can know how ur doing!! ^^


    1. Hey Jenny! Thank you for the support and encouraging words :) I appreciate it so much! I'm working on my ADN and will move on to BSN after I start working, then ultimately get my masters :)

  6. I'm loving your blog. Just starting my journey! Good to know that I'm not in it alone!

    The Making Of A Skinny Chick Blog!

    1. thank you! That's soo sweet of you to say :) I appreciate it <3