Friday, April 26, 2013

Late Night Post

Actually 11:30pm is pretty early for me. But I'm tired of looking at my notes and powerpoints. So I'd give my bugged eyes a break to do something I actually enjoy -- which is this :)

Crap.. 36 more days and counting.. shit.

Things move really fast don't they? I finally received my white graduation dress, my white shoes and stockings... It's sooo fracking surreal I don't feel it even if I pinch myself.

All I need is a passing grade in medsurg and I can finally breathe! It's torture -- you have no idea

I've got about 2 more -- wait. 3 more major exams to go and I need to pass these suckers. haha forget A's... just pass em' because honestly if anyone is THAT smart to ever go through these infinite amount of information to absorb and know -- frack.. might as well be a doctor.. because that's exactly how this feels like.

Nurses are like the gate keepers of patient care. We're doctors, pharmacist, physical therapist, case managers, psychologist, glorified waitresses.. the list goes on and on.. lol so yea... you kinda need to know like.. everything? :/

haha of course I'm over-exaggerating.

so 36 days.. I was filling out my NCLEX exam form.. got butterflies just thinking of finally having that 2 magical letters after my last name.... R.N :) Can't wait for that.

My love-bug booked a Hawaii trip post graduation so I'M FREAKING EXCITED.

God. I'd hate to have fat pictures on my dream vaca. But that's another stress added to passing nursing school and quite honestly I'm about yay high above quota.

So I'm not gonna think about it just yet. I'll worry about it when I'm done with this program..

June 2.. save that seat for me muthafracker.. because I'm going to graduate!!!!!

PS. Thank you soooo much you ladies. especially Jenny and Jewelz.. for all the awesome support. You ladies are the best <3

Goodnight! I'm hitting the books --eerrr. *splat*


  1. Hahaha :D I really do agree with you when you said that nurses are the gate keeper in patients care. I think the nurse are the most loved people in the hospital by the patients. But it is not an easy job since, nurse is probably the person tending to most of the care to the patients.. that's kinda why you have to study soo hard =/ .. but hang in there!

    Your graduation chair is ready for you. You gotta stay strong!! wow.. Almost an "RN"!!!!YIKE!!! A FULL PLEDGE RN!!

  2. Thanks Jenny! :) Can't wait!!

  3. Oh wow.. You have 19 days left, so exciting... Good luck with your final exams... Make sure you post your pic with the graduation outfit, I am so jealous of you!!! :)


  4. Hey lady! how've you been?! :) it's winding down and I am TIRED. lol

    You're graduation soon no? congrats to you too my friend :)!

  5. My graduation will be in three months from now... We are doing community group work now, I hate it, looking forward to my first test, it feels so random... really broad uninteresting topics.. ayayay...

    Two weeks now for you, lolz... so cool