Saturday, June 15, 2013


Ahhh... it feels good to just do things without a schedule ---- for once! :)  So 2 weeks post-grad I've been taking some NCLEX workshop that cost me an arm and a leg (so I better go to them) last week. That was over and now I'm just enjoying the summer and recuperate!

After our Hawaiian vacation, I plan to hit the books again and study for my boards.

Workout -- I've been consistently going to gym everyday for an hour and it feels good to just sweating it all out

Food wise -- I also been doing good. I haven't succumbed to any sweets since the beginning of the month so I'm pretty stoked about that as well

My beginning weight was a whooping 176 lbs  and now I'm 170lbs. Most likely water-weight since I lost it all within 2 weeks of hopping back in the weightloss wagon.

This coming week's goal is :
  • intensify my workouts by increasing incline and resistance
  • increase veggie/fruit ratio
  • drink more water


  1. Go Gertie! Kickin' tail and taking names. And I have to tell you... I love that pic! SO pretty! Have a good break and I look forward to *AHEM* more blogs!

  2. Thank you Jewlz!! Man I know I need to catch up with all of your blogs!

  3. I love that photo of you! You look great :)

  4. I'm agreeing, that photo looks amazing! I'm jealous of your summer, I hate winter :(

  5. hahaha looks like someone is living the good life ;) Enjoy it! :D You completely deserved it! Try not to stress too much on the boards. It's your time now. Enjoy the water!! :D