Friday, September 30, 2011

When it rains, it pours --- where the heck is my umbrella

quote of the day -- heck for the last 2 weeks more like it.

I'm sooooooo over it though. I got a good negative purge out of the system (ha! how do you like them paradoxes)

I'm moving on and I'm looking forward.

Yea as you can tell you know I got a lousy grade at my first test.  I'm changing my strategies and hopefully this will help me land a better grade next time.. if not I'm reaching for that twinkie that's been calling my name every time I stopped for gas at the chevron station enroute to school

yea. I bought pie too.. lol Banana cream .. Mmmmmm.. aarggghhhll....

But suprinsingly I lost a pound... I know yay cereal!!

I'm starting clinicals on Monday *gasp* :)

It should be fabulous. and of course I'm totally... TOTALLY fronting. I'm nervous as heck, but I think i can handle.

As long as I don't do anything embarrasing as like shining the opposite end of my penlight when I check PERRL (which I had done in skills practice hehe ---good times)

The last thing I need is my patient thinking --- how the heck did this girl get in nursing school lol

Total workout hours this week --- uh 40 minutes lol.. But! the week is not over yet.. it will be 80 by tomorrow. I'm planning to work out tomorrow..

PS: PERRL means pupils equal reactive to light... normal parameters for neuro assessment.

How are all you lovely people doing anyway? :) Love to hear from you all! Till next time!

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