Monday, December 12, 2011

Boo-yah.. there goes 2 lbs

Lost 2 lbs (which most likely water weight) from the 7 lbs weight gain since school started. I worked out this morning and I'm feeling really good! :)

I finally got the chance to clean up the house and that was a pretty good "workout" as well. I'm slowly getting back on track and I'm really excited in finally have time for myself.

Head cheese
Baked fish

Chicken corn soup

Lean shake
dinner salad


60 min spin interval
3 hours working around the house

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  1. Hey Gertie!! Its now 2012 and I gained only 13 lbs back over the holidays so I am back on Track. I am tracking my food and calories again and I am feeling better not so sluggish from eating all the goodies. I do have to tell you about these fabolous chocolate cookies my mom made me for Christmas. She put anise in them and it brought out the chocolate flavor immensely. Anyway I am staying away from goodies again and not eating out. Now I just have to get motivated to start moving again. I am looking for a job and thats not very successful but I keep looking. Miss you to dickens. Stay in touch.