Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am such a slacker.. I am such a slacker.. I am such a slac..

I know I've been so bad not updating this blog.

My reason is that I was updating another one... yes I am a cheater and a slacker as well lol

I have a 3fc account, which I updated almost everyday. I simply bounce back and forth from this blog to that one.

My plan is to make this blog more geared into the general sense of my nursing school experience and my efforts in getting healthy. 

So school is starting in a week! It's OB first half and Med-surg second. Joy!

I actually started reading and brushing up on dosage calcs. Yes I have a quiz first day...

Anyway, I've managed to shed about 3 lbs this break.. Whoa! yea I know ... SAD.

I have a different plan this semester. I'm totally avoiding junk and fast food. I'm surrounding myself with wholefoods, fruits, veggies for snack time studying.

And of course, I'm forcing myself to workout 10-20 minutes everyday.  Yes.. 10-20 minutes. Last year I didn't do squat. I did like 1-2x but I got too overwhelmed.

Maybe this semester wouldn't be as horrible and I will have a better hand in managing my time.

I have an event to go to on April -- which I'd like to be cute and slim by then

I also have a wedding on October -- which I also like to be cute and slim by then .. LOL

I'm laughing at myself with all this goals.. I'm like a chronic goal setter. 

Hopefully by the end of this process, I actually achieve this statements and not make a fool out of myself :)


  1. Gertie!!!! I have two blogs now so I can keep up with both of yours and you can keep up with both of mine!!!

  2. Yay! Lynn! You know I'm your biggest fan :D Looking forward reading your post