Thursday, May 30, 2013


Breaking up is so hard to do…

Taking down the makeshift calendar with pen scratched marks of days and weeks gone by of nursing school

Boxing and sorting worn out textbooks that seen the good, the bad, and the pathetic

Nights when I shuffle through flashcards and break down because I just didn’t have enough time to pull it together.

 Looking though my clinic bag and finding stow-away alcohol wipes, lancets, and glucose monitor strips.

 I feel this sense of sadness in saying goodbye.

To my Brunner’s and stacks of power points that became a part of my life through this journey.

 My stethoscope stares at me with anticipation of things to come.

 Does it seem right to just pile them away in a plastic bin and never look back? Maybe there is bigger underlying issue that I refuse… no… reluctant to see.

 Saying farewell to the band of pathfinders who fought alongside the fierce academic terrain with me.
There were no competitions.
No one cared who got the best grade or the worst.

 We are brothers and sisters who felt the joy of success and the loss within each other.

These very people I have come to care about and love. The second family that I have spent more time than anyone else I know.

 So, there is no goodbye. A bond will always remain enduring for the rest of my life.
See you on the floor Nurses. The journey – our journey has yet to unfold.  


  1. Good luck ending this journey and starting a completely new one!

  2. Relax and enjoy yourself, congratulations Gertie!!!


  3. Wow... just seems like the other day you were just getting going! Congrats girl, you've worked SO hard! And it's only going to get more interesting from here!!!