Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yea yea.. I'm a liar

I did say I was going to update more but I was on vacation 2 weeks ago haha ;)

I'm finally back from Hawaii and I can't say I wanted to be back. I didn't want to leave!  Still waiting to schedule my NCLEX I'm hopeful by this week.

I don't think I'll be eating any spam or rice anytime soon in the future cuz that's all I ate in Hawaii lol. It's all good though

 I'm on vacation damnit!

here are some photos from out trip
Luau at Paradise Cove -- honestly the show was good but the food was horrible :(


prized loco-moco

I swear Hawaii has the best farmer's market I have ever seen I love it!


  1. LOL I thought we were the only ones who hated Paradise Cove's food! It was truly awful! We survived on alcohol. No, really! LOL Glad you had a great trip. While we enjoyed HI, I don't see it as somewhere I would want to return to. Out of all of the places we have vacationed to, it was probably our least favorite simply because of the hassle, the cost, and then there was nothing truly outstanding. But then again, we didn't get to do everything we had planned simply because they wouldn't allow children. That killed it for us -- can't really do much on a family vacation if your kids can't do anything! We may try going back when our kids are older or when we can go as a couple so we can do a few more of the hikes, plane rides, etc. But I'm glad you all had a great time. That Farmer's Market looked like fun! What else did you all have time for???

  2. Yea Paradise Cove food was so disappointing I mean what save that luau is the eye candies dancing hula all night! lol We did a lot of snorkeling to different place, lots of hiking, saw the volcanoes, the tourist stuff in Oahu. Yes I love the FM! :)