Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guess Who Has A Job!!!

Me! Me! Me!

I got my first interview yesterday at a hospital. I was actually a bit nervous so I was giving myself the peptalk the whole time.

"Just be yourself."

"If don't get the job then think of it as practice for others interviews that will come along."

I arrived 30 minutes earlier just to give my interviewer time to wrap up whatever she was doing at that time.

I immediately clicked with my nurse manager -- she was really friendly and nice. I don't know I felt really comfortable with her and I think she was too. Chemistry was really good. I was interviewed by 2 people -- one of them was the nursing manager for the unit I applied for and the other one was the Director of Nursing. The DON was a lot more serious haha and actually she kind of got me a little nervous at first

I was asked a lot of professional, situations, behavioral, and clinical questions. Call me a nerd but I brushed up on my Professional book days before the interview just so I feel more prepared. Heck! I busted out my clinical skills book too just in case they ask me about anything that pertains to what I 've done in the past. But most of the stuff I reviewed were subjects that pertain to the unit that I applied for.

Anyway, towards the end I had lunch with the T and when I was driving home I received the call from them and they offered me the job! Haha how cool is that! :))

I still need to pass background check and my nurse manager told me that I'll be working day shift and she hopes that I start by early-mid October


I'm feeling a little weird because I really want to do well in my job and I'm anxious and excited at the same time.

But I guess I don't want to go all out and celebrate because I still need to get my offer letter but I just had to share my excitement :)



  1. Oh Gertie! That is SO AWESOME!!!! So happy for you! I hope you love it! :D