Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Banana "Pancake"

1 egg
1 ripe banana
handful of raw almonds

  • Mash banana and beat egg with it
  • melt just a little bit of butter ** optional but it made it a whole lot of difference in taste (in my opinion)
  • Cook it like a pancake
  • Garnish with almonds


I'm actually very surprised with this recipe because I didn't think it would taste good and it sure it. But the awesome part of it is that it has lots of protein but less on the "bad" carbs that comes with regular pancakes. I like it! and would make it again when I'm craving pancakes

My only suggestion is probably make the size of the pancake smaller in order to flip it over the pan easier. The whole mixture is soggy and since there's no flour to bind it together better there's high risk of your pancake falling apart.

Haha I've been behind with my 30 Day Weightloss Challenge questions. I've been somewhat busy (I know right? even after nursing school -- there's never a nonbusy day). What I'm doing is mostly applying to several places all day but each application is so long and tedious that it usually takes me the whole morning and parts of the afternoon.

By the time I finish I had to go to the gym and by then the Mister comes home and we hang out the rest of the night.

So anyway here goes the question:  Why am I losing weight? And Do any one in my life know that I'm trying to lose weight. (This is 2 day questions)

I am losing weight because I want to look good and be healthy. It's a simple as that. I'm not trying to impress anyone other than myself. It is also due to health reasons. My mom started on Procardia in her middle 30s.. I honestly don't want to fall into that. Hypertension and stroke ran in my family. At least I know if I am in better shape that I can somewhat beat the odds and live a little longer.

Also the hubs and I are planning to have kids in the near future so I want to be physically healthy to take on that tasks. It's crazy how much stress a woman has to go through bringing a child to the world --- literally and figuratively speaking!

Damnit! I'm still losing hair! It's thinning so much I'm freaking out. I still haven't figured out but I'm betting on low thyroid levels. I have a doctor's appointment soon so hopefully the labs will give a clue to what's the deal.

And yes, T knows I'm trying to lose weight. Although he always tell me that he has heard about this for years now and he has yet to see anything. LOL I know right? so much for support But I honestly don't let it get to me. Life happens and if its a 3 year plan or 10 year weightloss plan so be it. What matters is that I'm not giving up and I'm making and implementing changes.

Have a great week all! I'm off to enjoy my "pancake"! Cheers!

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