Thursday, May 10, 2012

It has been a hella-week and it's not over

Hi everyone!

Yea I know -- I've been slacking on the good ol' blog. I've been hustling and stressing over school but that's just something out of the norm in the life and times of Gertie (Oh god -- i'm starting to refer to myself as the third person.. yikes!)

Anyway, I recently surfaced from the school work and test for this week day hour. I have another one coming up the week after next. So barf!  I'll proabably be gone again and won't blog till that shit-nanegan is over.

The last test was such a killer. I wonder if teachers get a kick out of putting out mean and cruel test question just to see their students code in their seats during the exam lol.

I mean what the purpose of powerpoint lectures when none of it was going to be in the test? I'm just saying, sometimes I wish I didn't have attend lecture since I'm perfectly fine reading the book and studying on my own. That's my bitch and grip for the day

Weightloss. I didn't know washing dishes can be such a great workout lol I was sweating doing the dishes an hour ago. As you can tell, it's been a while since I had the time to do some cleaning. The mister does not like washing dishes, so the task is left for me to do. And since I've been busy it was not done. Thus, the kitchen stank like salmon left in the sun for 2 day. Even spraying febreze didn't work LOL..

 So don't believe that commercial they had! Maybe it's just my kitchen hehe.

But I'm happy to report that it's now sparkly clean and smell like vannilla.

Mother's day. I sent out a card for my mom. Not sure if I wanna drive down to L.A this weekend. I have so much stuff to do. But we'll see.

My sister wanted to do a portrait with all us (2 of my brothers, herself and I) plus the 2 grandkids. I honestly think it's a cute idea. But I feel fat and I honestly have no desire being in any picture.

She called me retarded. Whatever. I can take it further but I honestly don't have the energy to explain myself. Why can't people just understand me

I thought this picture is freaking hilarious and rings true.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Gertie,
    Keep your chin up!!!


  2. Hey! That's the ONE item I haven't wasted my money on...a T-Rex! Gotta get me one of those, for even if she doesn't motivate me to exercise, she'll definitely keep the neighbors at bay!!! Bwahahahahaha!

    Ellie, stomping around the living room

  3. Funny picture, yeah that'd be one of my only motivators to run.. that or zombies! Keep your head in the game and school will calm down eventually, keep pushing girl!

  4. Wow @_@ you seem to have a very hectic week ahead! I feel ya! But hang in there, all this hard work is gonna pay off one day. There gotta be a little struggle in order for you to become great! :) Your on the right track, I'm here cheering for u each step of the way! ^__^ Try hard to keep blogging as much as possible, I think it keep you in check! :) GOOD LUCK! ACE THOSE EXAMS!

  5. Thanks girl-- you're just the sweetest thing :)