Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm becoming a Vampire

It's 2300 and I'm wide awake lol.. so might as well study right? of course. Sleeping patterns has been out of whack lately (I'm wide awake at night and sleepy in the AM) -- the only thing missing is craving blood right? lol)

stress blows.

I'm happy to report that I did pretty well on my exam :) I actually did better than I thought --- the questions were tough.  Doing well means I have wiggle room just incase I frack-up on the next one coming in next week. Cardiac stuff, ECG interpretations..

The whole concept isn't difficult, it's the massive amount of information that I need to cram in my head is the problem.

I really should get back to studying.. hehe :)

Weightloss.. what weightloss. I've been doing really bad and I'm so ashamed. I can easily say I'll do better next week but it's easier to say than actual execution.

Hope everyone else is doing better. I need some good motivational kick in the butt!



  1. How do we get that motivation back? Its kind of annoying to think we've lost weight and then something happens, we stop and its just soooo hard. I don't remember it being all that hard to drop the first 50lb and now just 1 lb is near impossible!

    Congrats on the test, always great to get a better than expected result!

  2. Good luck with your exam! Yay for doing so well on the last one :)

  3. thanks ladies! I hope this week I can muster some motivation hiding under my folds lol :)

  4. Good luck with you exam! My motivation kicked in because I'm going to visit family and friends in three weeks and I want to look goood :) Now I'm hoping that it kicks into habit soon so it feels effortless to get me to continue on a successful weight loss path!

  5. hahaha :) I FEEL YOU!! This is something I can relate.. way too much! xD Haha, yea. Often when exam season come.. I also find myself in that position, where your struggling to handle your grades and trying to live a healthy life style. But sometime, you just can't do both all at once. And you just gotta let one thing take priority over the other. Good luck on exam. Work hard! Study hard! And after the test, go hit the gym! :)

    And...careful with sweets! Without sleep + sweets = WEIGHT DISASTER! :) haha

  6. Girl I can't agree with you more! Usually I crave mad sweets just before an exam! lol sucks

  7. Hey, I'm a new follower. My brother is in his final semester of nursing school, then comes the Nclex! He is majorly stressed too. =) Kinda scares me for when I start!! Good luck on your exams. Come check out my blog when you get the chance!

  8. Motivation? What's that? Heheheheh. Can it be that I'm already in the "dog days of summer" frame of mind? Could be as it's been in the mid-80s here already! Too soon, too soon!!!


  9. Hi Ivy Jane! Thank you for visiting :)! And best of luck to you and your brother!

    Yea NS is super tought, but I guess we all just have to keep our eyes on the prize (graduation) and keep learning.

    Keep in touch :)


  10. Ellie- I can't agree with you more. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo ready for summer. I'm precepting though so I guess it's not a complete break for me lol

  11. Gertie,
    How do i kick you in the butt when I myself need a butt kicking as well? I am working 3rd shift and drinking pepsi to keep myself motivated and awake.Talk about water weight galore from the soda. My weightloss can't seem to make up its mind. Feel free to lecture me or anything especially if your up at 2:30 in the morning.