Monday, August 20, 2012

Letter to Self

Dear Gertie,

I hope you enjoyed your summer. And that you took your time to savor every moment of being lazy and day dream for once in a very long time.

That you finally gave yourself that badly needed pedicure and revamped these chipped, faded, red nail polish toes you've had since god knows when

Doesn't it feel awesome to just let you mind wander about senseless and simple things about life and not having to worry about reading the next 300 chapters in your textbook?

I sure hope that this summer break helped you replenish that old spirit and you are ready for another grueling 16-weeks of blood, caffeine, and tears (when things go badly or happy)

I know you've been doing a lot of reflection and meditation about where you want to be in this journey. I know it's difficult but somehow you have to learn to trust yourself. Follow your instincts because I know it's always has been in the right place

I'm glad you found yourself this summer and that you finally know what you want and what you are willing to give up for the sake of the greater good.

Crack that whip pretty girl! And remember,

God won't put you to it, without seeing you through it


  1. Hi Gertie!

    I love the letter! I actually read it twice; once in your eyes (of a nursing student) and one for myself (getting back into grad school studies after recuperating these past few months) and it works for both! Just pulled through my first week of classes and my spine hurts, my legs are sore (walking all over campus) my stomach's sore (spanx over stitch areas)! Yep, call me a whiny biatch, this week!

    Have a great semester, Gertie, and don't forget about your blog so that your blog buddies can keep up with ya!!!


  2. Awww.. thank you so much Ellie :) That means a lot!
    Yea I'm down to one more clinic for the week and it's definately an adjustment coming back to "school-mode"