Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh-la-la Wednesday

Today's Food Options
  • 1 serving of wheat cereal with 1/2 cup of 2% milk
  • 3 pcs on onion rings
  • 1/4 cup of green beans
  • 2 tbs of mac and cheese
  • Slimfast chocolate shake
  • 2 cups of Edename
  • 1 cup of cantalope
  • 5 crackers and hummus

Progress Notes - It's yet another humid day in the desert and it sucks. I really can't wait till winter when this time I freeze my ass off instead.

Food. I have tons of left overs in the fridge and since T had some gum surgery 2 days ago, he's in a liquid soft diet for the next 7 days.. Poor guy. He's living off my slimfast shakes and applesauce.

I'm thinking of maybe figuring out some sort of a more nutritional supplement for him other than sugar. Because that's pretty much what he's eating right now. I see constipation in his future LOL.

You would think his sudden change of diet is helping my cause. Since he's not eating much, I should too right? Hehe.. uh no. I seem to be ravenous and I literally have to stop myself because I seem to be hungry all the time! I remember using him as an excuse of my bad eating habits. Ha! I can't use that now.

Today's Workout
  • 30 min step machine
  • 30 min 10 level incline walk/run interval

Progress Notes - Don't you hate it when you're minding your own business in the machine and someone decides to take the machine next to you and they STANK like high-heaven?!

That was the experience today. Here I was looking at my timer, silently praying for endurance in the last 10 minutes so I can move away from smell of stale body odor.. *gag*

Goddamnit why won't other people learn how to deodorize?! Heck -- how about not wearing unwashed gym clothes!

Conversely, how about those people that over perfume themselves to the point of suffocating people around them?

Anyway that's my rant for today lol

Despite it all, it was a good workout. I'm actually enjoying myself and I am beyond feeling good about myself

Happy Hump Day All!


  1. I am paranoid about being stinky and always deodorise before the gym. I heard on the radio this morning that 7/10 ladies admitted in a survey to putting on make up prior to going to the gym. W-T-F!! I've had make up on before when I've gone from work to the gym and it was so gross wiping my forehead and seeing foundation ewwwwiiiickk.

  2. actually I've see women in the gym that has full on make up.. I can't imagine how uncomfortable that would be feeling your face full of makeup mixing with sweat lol