Thursday, August 23, 2012

Binge Trigger

Dear Gertie,

I feel for you baby.

There never seem to be enough hours during the day and night to do --- everything.

So you find yourself staying up late til the wee hours of night and waking up with only.. what.. 3-4 hours of sleep everyday?

I know. How will you ever keep up without me? Those chapters will remain unread and the house chores undone because there really isn't enough of your energy to go around isn't?

My sweet.. sweet tired girl. 

How about you stop talking

Open me up and take a little sip

It won't hurt you

or derail you

It will only get you through the day. Isn't vanilla your favorite flavor?

Mmmm.. the cold, sweet coffee goodness and the double shot of energy is all you need. There is absolutely nothing wrong in craving me.

It's just a harmless sip to get your through the day. Don't think about the consequences. The sugar binges that I trigger after. Besides, you need the caffeine kick to get through the week.

It won't hurt your diet. I promise. It's just liquid goodness.

So come on sugar-pie.. take a sip. You deserve it.

You work too hard.

Dear Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Drink,

Frack you. I'm sticking to my unsweetened home-made ice.  The 2-minute bliss isn't worth the consequences.

You don't know what I deserve or not.  I'm calling the shots because I decide what's good for me and that ain't you.

Thanks for the offer but no.


  1. That's right! You tell'em, Gertie! You got this! Hope you're doing great and kickin' hiney! :D

  2. I hear ya, studying for me always went hand in hand with eating. I hit my heaviest when I was writing my thesis (lived on energy drinks). Its so hard to break, even now I have the urge to munch when I'm grading papers. And being tired always makes you just crave that instant sugar fix.

  3. omg... dont' get me started with starbucks!! It's soo badd But SOO GOOD! I kinda chuckle a little bit with your intro! :) haha, i never thought food could talk, but if those double shots drink could, I bet it would say the same things as you.

    Instead of those energy drinks, try black jet black coffee. It doesn't taste good and it's bitter. But it does the job to keep you awake. Just take a sip, and you'll good to go, and you'll never think twice of taking the second sip...b/c you won't need it ;) haha

  4. Oh gertie fighting the cravings is a pain. I know how you feel chica. Good job though, keep up the good work.
    Hugs lynn