Friday, August 3, 2012

Why the Scale Isn't Always Right

Muscle weighs more than adipose tissue. So I shouldn't "flip-out" after weeks of lifting and doing intense circuit when I see that the scale bounced back to 172 fracking pounds right?


I'll keep what R. Colier's words of wisdom throughout the day.

Today's Food Options
  • Perfect  Food (wheat grass and greens blend)
  • 1 cup of Hanson's natural apple juice
  • 3/4 kix with 2% milk
  • lunch and dinner - tba
Progress Notes - Yesterday was all about grazing. I felt like an antelope sampling one small thing after another watching my back for the Big Snack Monster that seduces me to lose control. Today was a good day. I sampled and I stopped. Yay. It takes getting use to the idea of grazing since I'm so conditioned to eat 3 times a day. Heck back in the day I eat only 2x. I have noticed though that I'm gravitating over fruits and less on the sugary snacks. Halleluiah!

Today's Workout
  • 30 min treadmill with 10 level incline walk/run
  • 30 min step machine
Progress Notes - Workout yesterday was 30 min spin bike and some strength circuit in between. I only did 30 minutes. I'm heading out to the gym.. NOW.


  1. You know, I kinda bounce back and forth. Some days I can graze and do great, others... not so much! I'm not even sure what it is. And some days I have to force myself to eat just the 3 meals. It's weird.

    As far as your gain, it can be any number of things... muscle gain, muscles being swollen from something new, stress, lack of sleep (this one kills me), cycle... so much can affect it. That's why I'm trying to not focus so much on one particular number and focus on a range. Hopefully it's just one of those things and will come back off soon. :)

  2. I are you taking body measurements? This will show the fat loss/muscle gain.

  3. I was told by a guy at the gym that if you start weight training you will gain about 5 pounds back of muscle but in the end it works better for you because when you're weight training and on day's you do nothing your body is still burning calories because of the muscle you've build. People who chose weight training over just cardio tend to gain weight slower than the ones who lost all their weight just doing cardio.

    You're doing amazing keep it up. Maybe stay away from the scale for a while? that way you can ignore the Jerk and just go by how you feel and look in the mirror. :)

  4. Gertie, where ya at? Haven't seen ya post in about a week and just checking on you!