Thursday, September 27, 2012

Following Rules

So.. clinic was cancelled TODAY!! Wooo-hooO!  More time to catch up on some reading :/

Actually I started off with the right intention, but I end up napping till noon, played online games and read like 20 pages.. hahaha.

Yea I crack myself up.

That seems to be my style.. Superb planning in details and execution.. start of great.. fall of the face of the earth the next day...when it comes to diet anyway. In other facets of my life, I'm a moving train.. unstoppable.

Anyway, I'm a stickler for rules and when I see others not following them I get irked. But when it comes to DIET rules.. well you just forget it because I will find a way to manipulate and bend it to my advantage.

I know! I'm crazy!

Anyway here are the diet rules I made that I ALWAYS break:

  1. Eating after 6pm
  2. stopping for fast food when I told myself I will not do
  3. eating white bread.. white rice..
  4. not drinking enough water
  5. too lazy to even exercise for 10 minutes --- 10 freaking minutes!!! (since I'd rather do something else)
  6. eat sweets after every meal
  7. pick the diet coke instead of water -- it's tasteless! what can I say
  8. pack my gym bag so I can go after school to the gym
  9. more veggies
  10. more fruits
  11. keep a food diary -- I can honestly say, I have no idea what kind of food I eat in general -- it's called imposed amnesia lady
  12. I am in Egypt -- in deNial
Honestly I admire those people with iron-clad decipline. I think that is totally the key to be successful in this diet ordeal.

I wonder if I am a hopeless case.

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