Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm going bald

I am serious... I am most definately losing my hair...
I literally pull out a few strands every times I wash, stroke, touch my damn head.  It's such a sad story. :(

A friend of mine recommended prenatal vitamins. I bought some and hopefully it'll help cuz I aint gonna be bald on my graduation day!!

The mister found the bottle and asked me if there is a significant "reason" why I'm taking prenatal that he should know about lol.  I told him there were no stork deliveries and it was for my "hairloss"

In other news.. I got survived 2 major tests and 1 simulation labs. Got pretty good grades so I am happy. I got another big test coming up this Wednesday. Poop.

Diet wise I haven't weighed myself for weeks but I'm consistent with eating. I do one cheat day a week to get my chocolate fix in line.

No exercise. I really just haven't gotten any energy to do extra lately. But the goal is to control the weight by nutrition and see where it takes me

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Have you had your thyroid tested lately? I was losing my hair like crazy & then found out my thyroid was out of whack.

  2. you know what I think I did last year but definately wouldn't hurt to do it again. I got a dr. appt this week so I'll definately ask. Thanks for the insight I never thought of that :)

  3. I'm at that age that I'm beginning a little o bald spot where my bangs begin. Ugh. I love my hair and I can't stand seeing it thin. But I'm Irish and so it's still plenty thick, but I can tell, especially when I flat-iron it.


  4. Good luck.. I'm in nursing school too & I am going bald too.. mainly from the lack of iron & sleep I believe (my thyroid is good last time I checked).. you should check yourself for iron too.. take the vitamins too & don't worry about it much.. worse that can happen is you wear a wig, and with all the patients we've been meeting, a wig is a minor problem!....


    1. LOL Thank you Meeks! So you're in nursing school too that's awesome! Its always thrilling for me meeting other students. We can all relate to each other. So how far along are you? Yea iron can be it too (my sister is anemic so there's a good chance I may be one as well) I really need to get to the doctor and have some bloodwork done. It's been a year since my last physical.

      Anyway thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from ya soon! :)


  5. I love your blog.. I ran into it while looking for other balding nursing students lol...
    I am in the middle of my third trimester.. I have three classes this trimester.. one runs the whole time (my elective, easy one thankgod!), and the other two are half and half... I'm doing medsurg now and am 3 days away from the final and then on the following day we start OB :(

    After that, two trimesters more and I should graduate on August, 2013... I feel very happy because I was actually supposed to graduate on January, 2014.. but a student dropped out before starting the program, so they called me in to replace her, and I accepted immediately of course!

    Good luck to your studies too.. and like I said, just get a bottle of iron pills, do some relaxation techniques.. and don't worry too much, but yes, go see the doctor...

    My hair is thinning as well and I can notice it the most when is greasy (yes, sometimes I don't shower for a while... I work and go to school, so, yes, bad habit)... but I wear headbands for those special days and I get compliments over them lol


    1. Thank you Meeks! Best of luck in your final! I'm 3rd semester and a half and itching.. itching to finish. It looks like we graduate about the same time (june 2 for me). Best of luck in your studies too, we're almost there!!! :) I guess the only way to regrow my hair is to minimize stress levels, but I honestly don't think that's going to happen anything soon. I've heard 4th semester is evil incarnate in my program. haha.