Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3-second breather... go!

Just finished my first Pediatrics exam this morning. Eh.. ok

having a little fun in Pediatrics
Not sure how I did and I won't know it till Sunday evening.. tap..tap..tap.. akkk!!

Been super busy but that's the usual in nursing school.

Diet wise.. I've been trying to eat better and currently working on the wonderful world of portion control. It's sucks when all I wanted is something fried or caffein-y to soothe my ever so stressful spirit.

One of my clinical pals has been on my case making sure I get healthy stuff from the hospital cafeteria. I love that she's keeping me focused and on track during school. I also been having some stomach problems.. I hope it's not ulcer. I've been having some pain every time I eat and I can't burp at will. I seriously hope it's not ulcer.. or GERD...

I'm so disordered that I kinda thought maybe this is a good thing. Maybe having a stomach pain will help me not eat so much? lol  I am so fracked up it's hilarious

In other random news. I worked a shift in the ER last week. I was in Cloud 9! It was sooo awesome and exciting. There were only 2 patients admitted in Peds so the clinic group had to be divided. I gladly "volunteered" to be in the emergency department that day -- sooo glad I did.

They brought in someone who had a cardiac arrest and I was able to be a part of the reviving team. It was an eye-opener and I've learned so much that day, like you can't just defib someone, you have to have the right cardiac rhythm (vtach or a-fibs). So you had to continue chest compressions and epinephrines to achieve that. CRAZY. I'm certified in CPR so they had me rotate with the chest compressions.

I can't forget how the person's face looked. It had a purple cast to it. Despite everyone's efforts that day, the person did not make it and the doctor made the call for time of death.

The person didn't look dead.. just sleeping or resting from the broken ribs from chest compressions.

I couldn't quite digest that the person just passed.

The next thing that came to my mind is that... I really REALLY should take care of myself.

I need to start eating right and lose these weight.

 I don't want to be in that same table being worked on for 20 minutes to revive me from a heart attack..

I really can't.


  1. I think we've all had that crazy thought where its a good thing to have stomach pain/sickness because it means we eat less. We're all just a lil crazy.

  2. Gertie, have it checked, hon. You don't want to be spending a week in the hospital because you didn't and therefore screw up your schooling for a semester. I'm sure it's nothing serious.

    Please let us know how it goes. Else I'll worry about you.