Friday, February 17, 2012

The Goal is 2 --- it's harder than it looks!

February goal is 165 lbs.  -- that's 2 lbs from where I'm standing this morning. I've been trying to sneak in 20 minutes of spin biking everyday. I've missed 3 consecutive days because I didn't find the energy in me.

Although I'm always on my feet for 7 hours in clinic, an extra 20 min cardio would definately be beneficial the the weightloss cause.

I'm eating a whole lot better. I'm opting for the whole wheat variety and I'm slowly conquering the sweet monster.

My lunch box looks like this:

8 oz of Lean Shake Vanilla or Chocolate
a handful of raw almonds
a handful of carrots
an apple
or sometimes I added an organic rice cake

Suprisingly enough it gets me through the day. What's difficult is when I drive home for an hour and all these fast food places taunt me like an alcoholic passing by a liquor store. 

I tell myself I need to get home and study and I don't have time to stop and order something. Which suprisingly works like a charm... for now anyways lol

Update on school, I started the first clinic day yesterday. It could have been a great first time experience, but I had a lousy nurse, who didn't want anything to do with me.  Nurses do eat their young... for breakfast...lunch.. and dinner... probably half portion for afternoon snack.

Don't get me wrong, she's nice... but unreceptive to me. I was clear and friendly and damnit --- eager to work with her and see how she does her magic on the floor. I can be downright charming!  But she just told  me to take vitals and unspokenly told me to get out of her way lol

Oh well.. it was frustrating I have to admit. But you can't hit hole in ones with other people. I have yet to toughen my skin.

It was so embarrasing losing it and getting all emotional with my instructor. I didn't think it was professional of me to tear up like a fracking baby.

 I hated myself yesterday for losing control.

Damn you hormones! Who fracking cries during OB?! -- me!

Next week I'll do fracking better. It'll be a lot easier because I know what is expected of me and if my assigned nurse is like the previous one. I'll find another nurse that is willing to teach me and where I can learn.

First major exam is on Wednesday. Study time.

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