Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh boy --- here we go!

Quick update :  First day of my second semester today. And what a way to start the 16 weeks than a math test! 90% is passing --- and I did! yay!

I packed my lunch: I had a couple of carrot sticks, 2 cuties, a handful of raw cashews and my Swiss chocolate lean shake... Sound healthy right? lol

Ate Panda Express instead, with my buddy lol.  oh dear...  would it count that I donate my lunch for a good cause? (I saw a man with a sign that says hungry, so I offered him my uneaten lunch since I didn't touch it at all)  Probably not.

Shame... shame... double shame! 

I'll do better tomorrow I promise... :)

anyway, I'm off to workout! and study tonight!!


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  1. Don't worry gertie. You are not the only one slipping I am to so I may not weigh myself this week.