Sunday, February 19, 2012

Belated Valentines

Home-made candle holders out of beer bottles -- turned out cute!
Made a special valentines day dinner for the Mister.

  • Crown pork roast in tangy sweet sauce, garlic, rosemary and onion
  • corn bread stuffing with celery, carrots, cranberry and bacon
  • asparagus
  • german potato salad with dill
  • strawberry shortcake for dessert

oh yea.

Table spread

roasted asparagus and extra stuffing

Daisy helping out by "washing" dishes

fresh strawberries soaked in rose water and home-made almond sweetened cream

Did I get some? You bet I did. --- I meant the strawberry shortcake... :-P

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  1. That looks great and very impressive. I hope you both enjoyed. DH and I don't celebrate V-day, its never been our thing. But I made him a dumb gif and sent it to him at work because he loves that I always hide little notes around his desk when I go to visit so thought a gif would be just as cool (he works in IT so its appropriate).