Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let's Go to the Job Fair!!

It was actually a last minute thing. My BNB (best nursing buddy haha.) asked me if I wanted to come so I'm like suuuurrreee....

It was at least 99 degrees outside that day. And I was wearing a freaking suit. By the end of it all, I was sweating behind all the places I did not existed (like behind my knees).

After a couple of hours I limped back to my car (my shoes were killing me).

So the job fair was advertised at one of the "largest" held in my area... ahh.. no.

There was one healthcare related company and they're only asking for volunteers.


Anyway the good thing about it all was when my BNB and I went to Marie Callender's afterwards and had pie (to smooth our bruised, disappointed hearts.. no doubt)

Can you tell I went off the diet --- so readily I might add.

Hopefully there would be more opportunities in the future. We were joking around about opening our own facility and hire all new grads.. with that we would all have jobs haha.

Anyway that's my bitch and grip for the day :-3

Okay! onto weight loss Day 4! The question was: what is my greatest fear in weightloss.
I suppose my greatest fear is becoming so smoking hot and getting into a lot of debt because I will be spending a lot of money shopping every chance I get because well.. now clothes will fit me so much better and I'll be totally cute right? haha

But seriously.. It's not much of fear but more of being out of the comfort zone. It means I have to constantly watch my diet.. I have to constantly have to exercise and honestly it takes too much effort and too much energy to actually lose weight. There. I've said. I'm plain old lazy.

I like not having to think about what I'm eating all the freaking time.

Really...isn't that what we all must do (initially anyway) to jumpstart weightloss? Is to watch your portions.. watch the type you shove in your mouth?

Wow I never realize how therapeutic this is.

Okay so how about doing a lifestyle change. Been there done that.

I guess the whole point of this all is do what works for you. In my case, it's probably a slow and steady process and eating the right stuff gradually.

My biggest challenge is probably portion and the choices I make. I am an notorious emotional eater.

What about you what is your hang-ups or fear when it comes to losing weight?


  1. That I'm never going to get there. :/ Or I will get there and still not be happy or I will gain it all back! It's a never ending circle of worry. LOL So, I ignore it most days and charge on.

  2. I want to work-out. I want to go to the gym and run everyday. I feel really bad that I can't work-out this summer because all of my activites. Eventhough, I'm within my ideal weight range, I am not "fit". And, I still haven't found a balance for my class & working-out... But like Jewlz say.. "Charge on". I'm gonna try to figure out a way.

  3. Btw...Your registered nursing card looks so cool :) ur so badass now!