Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The AfterMath of NCLEX

Pre-game or Last Supper -- I guess it all depends on how you look at it

The battle with the NCLEX dragon commenced yesterday 0800 sharp.

Ego bruised and tattered to bits I came out of it after 6 hours when the screen went blank at 210 questions.

They weren't kidding about the NCLEX.

So nursing students -- don't be cocky. Study. Study till your eyes pop out. You never know what kind of questions you get or whether the NCLEX gods will smile upon you and give you the easy peasy question. Actually don't wish to get the easy peasy question because that means you're failing.

Mine started off actually--- doable. The questions were analytical but it wasn't so easy that I can just automatically know the answer -- I still have to think about it.

 After question 25 that's when I got pounded by the hammer of "select all that apply", priority questions, hot spots, and "sequential orders". I got one freaking math question! which was disappointing cuz those were easy. I had like 2 psychsocial questions which are also easy.

I honestly felt like the "computer" was punching in all directions aiming for a knockout. After the "75 question cut off" I wasn't sure if I should rejoice or cry because it means that I'm not in the passing line and required more questions. People that cut off at 75 either successful pass or successfully failed lol

So I took a piss, scarfed down one Danish (from the free continental breakfast at the hotel I stayed in overnight), sipped water and dove back in.

At 100 questions I started to panic -- thinking oh god I'm totally failing! But I guess it really depends of how you look at it because one may say it's still positive because the computer is still giving you questions -- there is still a chance. I took another break and ate the second Danish I smuggled from the hotel.

Question 180 is when the tension headache kicked in. I couldn't concentrate and I started getting the shakes! My brain was dried and needing to eat more than just a measly 2 cheese danishes. Unfortunately I don't have any other snacks left. I was pushing my body and my brain to cooperate and march on.

I had moments where I felt the urge to run and scream out of the room haha. I'm laughing now but it was super real at that moment. It was kind of like that flight or flight response you get when you need to get on stage but you're sh*t-faced nervous to do it.

I found myself praying for strength during the test. I honestly was starting to feel claustrophobic.  I wanted to just give up for the sake of just getting out of there.

But I mentally shook my head and reminded myself the very core reason why I am doing this and what I was striving for. There is no option to give up.

So by Question 205 I was praying for absolution. At this point the questions were becoming a blurr and they starting to look Greek to me. I honestly have no clue what was being ask anymore and was guessing. By this time my mind was screaming --- Kill me already. Then by question 210 the screen went blank and I was done.

I wobbled out of the test area.. took another piss. I took the elevator and waited for T to pick me up. I turned on my phone and found messages from my family and friends wishing me luck and that's when the tears came running down. I felt like I FAILED my whole family and everyone that was counting on me because there's no way in hell I would have passed with the way things were going down.

Test result comes in 48 hours. Till then I'm holding my breath.

To be continued....


  1. Oh Gertie. I can't imagine doing what you did! That really sounds like hell to me. *sigh* But I think you probably did better than you thought. I would say there is no set cut off and they have to keep it mixed up so you never know what is coming. I'll be waiting patiently to hear how you did. Now, for what it's worth, relax and try not to have a mental breakdown! ((hugs))

  2. I know right? I'm gonna start exercising more after this and keep track!

  3. Reading your post today make me feel really tensed! I do admit I have been in a senerio similar. I commence you for your bravery and endurance to keeping pushing on in those critical moment!! (And I really mean it!! It takes guts in those moments)

    And so, I'm also like Jewlz waiting patiently for your result. But my prayers are with you and your result!

  4. Thank you Jen! You will do fine on your MCAT. My advice is to eat breakfast and keep hydrated because once your body gives out it's a lot harder to "keep up" so to speak. I didn't eat enough breakfast because I honestly did not anticipate to sit there for the whole 6 hours! Keep the fate, study and trust what you know and your ability :) Keep us posted on your journey too!

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