Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's always a weightloss challenge

I came across this picture and I thought it's rather interesting because it provides you daily reflections that relates to one's weightloss.

I think is helpful because losing weight is really never about the actual loss of fat in our bodies but rather a gain of self-awareness.

Of what you want

Of where you want to go

Of how you are going to get there.

I pretty much cover the question for Day one...but let's review:
CW: 170 lbs
GW: 140 lbs
time frame:  16 weeks
Height: 5'2

Hmm.. do I like my height. Honestly it'll be nice if I was a slight taller but hey that's just how the genes roll so who am I to bitch about it.

So today, I'm on track in the food department. And later on today I'm off to zumba.

Been applying to several places -- wow what a pain. It surprises me how there's all this talk to nurse shortages but most do not hire new grads.

Does that make sense to you?

What happen to beggars cannot be choosers? I'm a little frustrated that it makes me want to eat a nice fatty cheeseburger and call it quits.

But hey.. I've gone this far --- do you honestly think a thing like that would discourage me.


  1. I've never really understood it either. I understand you may not want your whole staff to be newbies, but why not 1 or 2? How else do you get experience? How else do you really learn? Makes no sense what-so-ever! I'd rather hire some newbies in a calm office to train and maybe pay a smidge lower and let them work up every few months than just anyone because they had time under their belts. Personality and attitude make up for a lot!

    1. Can't agree with you more my friend! New grads are like unmolded playdoe -- you can shape anyway you want! haha Yea even the small clinics require +1 year experience. It really does pay to kiss ass during clinicals -- which in my case I didn't because duh.. I was too busy taking care of my patients.

  2. I wanted to let you know I included this post in my blog roundup this week...taking care of ourselves is SO IMPORTANT and so extremely difficult during school (and on the job!). Your dedication is inspiring!

    1. Namaste. Thank you I am very honored :) Yes! It is soo important to take care of ourselves! Sadly I was one of those who neglected my health during school and I can totally tell the difference from then and now. My BP was freaking high back in nursing school and ever since I started exercising again, it has normalize to my relief! Thank you again for the shout out :)