Monday, July 18, 2011

The Joys of Dimensional Analysis

Ah--- gives me gas. Okay maybe it's this low carb diet I'm doing for the last 6 weeks of summer. Is that too much information? Probably. lol

So who's out there loves conversion factors and dosage calculations?

 I sure don't, but heck we all have to deal with it, learn it and be good at it. Because you never know, there could be a power failure in the hospital and *gasp* no nifty little computers to figure out proper dosage for you.

And God know the last thing you want to happen is screw up on the meds and over dose your patients.

Hypothetically speaking of course

Going back to low carb,  I just have to say it does work, but you can't be on it for straight weeks. I do a modified carb cycling where I consume 55 g of carbs max for 2 weeks, increase it by 60-70g the following week by introducing high GI fruits and veggies and only eat whole wheat variety.

I stay away from white breads and pasta, but if I honestly have to have it, I have a little bit of it.

Lost like 4 lbs in one week, probably just water weight, but heck it's a boost in my weightloss morale!

Any other nursing students out there that's going through the same anxieties of the dreaded 15lbs gain from clinicals?

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  1. Me, me! Pick me! I lost about 15lbs before the beginning of last semester. I gained back about half of it though. :( Stress is a killer! I'm really hoping that I don't gain back the rest plus some! Keep up the posts! They're good! :)


  2. Oh, and I'm happy to report that I *FINALLY* figured out how to put a like to your blog on my blog. YAY! :)

  3. Gaining half back is better than all of it back. I agree, stress is a notorious source of increased adipose deposits LOL.. Hey I'm starting to sound all medical like.. There's still hope for me!

    Thanks for the add in your blog! I am honored :)

  4. Girl, that food of yours looks AH-MAHZ-ZHING! I added your food blog to my blog too! My stomach is growling after going through all of those pictures! LOL, my brain is still on summer vacay. That's coming to a end might soon though. :( Oh well, it's a good thing I rather enjoy school! :P Yes, I am a nerd!

  5. Thank you! Ditto...I'm a nerd myself and proud of it! LOL :)