Friday, July 29, 2011

Self-Care Theory and Picking Up the Pieces

"Health is a dynamic state of wholeness or integrity of the individual."

This is from my nursing theory reading material (Basic Assumptions Underlying Self-Care Theory) Health is all about the coherence and integrity of a person.

Without health, is a life of imbalance and chaos. It is the core gravitational force that keeps all that makes us who we are (mind, body, and spirit) -- together.

In the past week, I've been lagging on my weightloss efforts and it truly feels like I'm compromising the integrity of my health. I'm feeling far from peaceful and physiologically -- I feel like crap.

So I'm picking up the pieces and getting back on track... and on plan. This is the first day of many (21 days to be exact) sugar free lifestyle.

 I'm loading up on cruciferious vegetables (ie. broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage -- fart fest in my future ---yes!TMI) to help detox the liver and not forgetting my multi-vitamin.

Honestly, I wasn't a believer in vitamins because not much of it is absorbed by the body, so what's the point. But I gave it a shot anyway, and been taking Women's Ultra Mega Active for about 3 weeks now, and I feel somewhat better than before. Who know it could just be another placebo effect.

The goal today is to stay focused, mindful eating, moderate exercise (I'm not 100%, so I'm taking it easy for a week)

Day 1 of 21 Sugar Free


  1. Hey Gertie!!

    I've been missing you on the blog :( Glad to see that we can at least find you on here. Sorry that you've been having a rough go of things. But at least you're getting back on track today :) I'm still doing the bikini bootcamp stuff, so I'm glad that you posted week 3. I'll keep checking in to see how you are doing.

  2. Hi Amber!!

    So glad you found me :) Like you, I am also still doing the bikini bootcamp stuff, and it looks like you're doing some great progress as well. WTG!

  3. hi there- i enjoyed your postings! I can relate to finding balance with life and trying to lose weight/live a healthier lifestyl. I am in school full time, working and busy being a Mom and the juggling !! congrats :) on your success and workign hard towards your goals! i enjoy your blog and am cheering you on ! i have struggled with weight and fitness and am working hard every day to reach my goals. I know what a challenge it is and how supportive friends make all the difference. I am reaching out to connect and encourage other women with their journey. I am a Health and Fitness Coach and through research and education have a lot of great tools I would be happy to share with you ( for free!) I am not trying to solicit to you :) I do like to share months of research to help others find things that work- like vitamins we absorb better that actually make a difference :) I don't see your email so you can msg me or find me on Facebook also. I look forward to connecting ! Enjoy the journey and keep up the awesome work!!

  4. Thank you for the support Mary :) I visited your beachbody page and you look fabulous! You've done an awesome job in your weightloss journey, I can totally see progress -- you look fabulous!

    Again thank you for visiting and keep in touch :)

  5. Gertie,
    You are doing great! I am so proud of you for refocusing. I really appreciate you putting this challenge together for all us. I know that it can be tough to cut out the sugar. You can do it girl! And way to go adding in the veggies. I think these things are done best by adding in the good stuff.

  6. Thank you for the encouragement and support Heather! It's a good feeling knowing we got each other's back in our weightloss journey! :) Trying my best to stay focus especially during the weekend!

  7. Hey Gertie I had same issue with 3FC so moved too! They did make me a new blog, but it means a new everything so I thought feck it I'll stick with being over here too :)

  8. Well Jitter, I tried leaving you a comment on your 3fc, but it didn't work. lol sounds like my 3fc blog issues!

    Let me know your new url so I can visit :)

  9. Love this, that you shared:

    coherence and integrity of a person.

    Without health, is a life of imbalance and chaos. It is the core gravitational force that keeps all that makes us who we are (mind, body, and spirit) -- together.