Friday, July 22, 2011

Message to my fellow 3FC-ers

Thanks for bearing with me ladies. As I mentioned on my mass message, my 3fc page got a little wacko after the system maintenance last night. So if you were trying to post your week 1 measurement status on my comment page,  I can't seem to receive them or post anything either.

The measurements aren't due till tomorrow so hopefully by then everything will get resolved and back to normal *fingers and toes crossed*

Worse case scenario it won't be resolved tomorrow, so back up plan would be posting Week 2 Fitness Challenges and Mind Make Over Challenges here.

The good news though is I can still post in all your individual blogs -- whew!

Anyway have a great weekend and best of luck in your weigh in! I'm excited to hear about your fantastic results!

Yours, Gertie :)


  1. Here are my stats for the week:

    I must have switched up my numbers when I originally gave them to you b/c if I had a 23" arm and 14" thigh I'd look a little silly :)

    As far as the clothing, the new jeans I bought have gone from mega-muffin-top to only a tiny muffin top. Actually, if I had to wear them in public I could as long as it wasn't with a clingy shirt. By the end of this I know they will fit perfectly...or maybe be a little big :)

  2. For some reason it wouldn't let me post as anythying other than anonymous so I want to let you know the previous post is from brseay.

  3. thanks Brseay :) Actually the mistype is probably mine lol the thighs and arm measurements were definately switched! lol sorry hehe

    Congratulations girl! Wow you're making awesome progress here. Great job!

    BTW if you use the drop box below there's an option of name/url, it should let you sign in as your name. hope that works, but even better hopefully my 3fc will be operational soon.

    I'm fixing the typos and updating your stats. Thanks again

  4. From pepagirl: No change in any stats, unfortunately. Today is a new day though and I will be better next week. :)

  5. I started out at 326, i'm down to 324, hopefully more soon.. :) anna

  6. I miss you, Gertie! Hope that you're able to get that darn 3FC page to work again. However, I really like this blog! Ok, it's the books in the background. LOL

  7. This is Erin. No change for me other then 1 lb down. 198, but measurements were the same. Sorry for the delay, I got engaged this week and it has been crazy!!

  8. Thanks Erin! And Congratulations on the engagement! How exciting!!! :)

  9. Hey Gertie,
    Just curious - do you do all the exercies posted each day or do you do #1 exercies on day 1, and #2 exercises on day 2... etc? - Heather

  10. Hey! It's Michelle - for some reason it won't let me post a comment with my URL.
    My stats for the week -
    Weight: 159.1
    Waist: 33"
    Arm: 12.75"
    Thight: 24"

  11. Thanks Michelle! I updated your stats at my 3fc blog. Great progress you got there! WTG!