Sunday, July 31, 2011

Breaking Up --- is Soo Hard to Do

Day 3 1 of 21  Sugar Free

Well this is embarrasing

Taking sugar off the equation is indeed CHALLENGING.

I'm not going to list the reasons why it happened or why I failed on my first attempt. I knew what I was doing and I ate it anyway. And in comes the guilt and remorse (on qeue)

It really is like a viscious cycle -- it starts with craving, obsession, giving in, and then guilt. It's tough, but just like any addiction, it's a process of recovery.

If breaking the sugar habit is that easy, we wouldn't have people writing books about how to get rid of it in the first place.

It's a new day, move on --- I hate sounding like a clique. Does knowing that I can always start over gives me the excuse not to stick on plan and give in to the temptations?

I should feel bad about this slip because I pretty much broken a promise to myself that I will change. If I had done this to another person, I would feel pretty sh***y about it.

When did treating myself less than how I treat others become okay?


  1. Gertie,
    You can do it.... remember "progress, not perfection." It IS really tough to take sugar out of the equation. And since you are so awesome that you started this bootcamp challenge, I am joining you on the no sugar for 21 days Gertie-style. You can do this and we can do this together. I would recommend something though.... take it if seems helpful, leave it if it doesn't... I would put fruit back into your equation, so that when you are craving sugar you have a healthy something something to eat. I know there are a lot of ideas out there about limiting fruit intake, but the reality is that no one ever got fat from eating bags of apples or cartons of strawberries.(Right? Have you EVER heard anyone say "OMG!!!! I can't believe ate that ENTIRE BAG OF APPLES!!!!!) no? Exactly. I just think it might help with the taking out the sugar, to give yourself permission to put in the fruit.... as much fruit as you need to, at least until the cravings go down for sugar. Think about it. It is just a suggestion. hugs. H.

    p.s. I flat lined for this week... (sugar... choclalate... sugar... even though 80% of the rest were healthy choices). So, For our challenge, put me down as 168 pounds still, and 0" lost for arms, legs, waist. I still feel really good from the first week and I think next week I will have some movement to report! :)

  2. Keeping the fruit is definately a good tip. I'll definately take it :)

    Yea, not much progress in my end either.. I actually gained some instead(hopefully it'll even out after TOM)

    I so agree with you, I'm getting my butt to work this week and aim for some result by next measurement!

    Thanks Heather!

  3. Hi Gertie!!!

    You'll get back with the no sugar thing, I know you will. It's a process, just like losing weight by any other means. We all mess up. For instance, I went to Olive Garden last night with a friend. Without my kids!! I never go anywhere without my kids, so we went out to eat. I'm not beating myself up about it....too much :P I totally forgot about having to turn in my measurements though. Ooops! Maybe I should have measured before hand. LOL.

    Anywho, my weight yesterday before my 'bad' meal was 243. Today I am 245. You can use whichever you'd like.


    I'm finally starting to see a difference!! woo Hoo!! I wore my new size 18 jeans last night too, down from a size 24!! :)

  4. That's awesome that you took time and have little girl's night out and I agree with you, I need to move on and fine tune my focus and staying positive :) Thanks gf!

    Congratulations on the new size 18! Your progress is so amazing! You're amazing! Good job!

  5. Aargh... grumble... grumble... I know I left you at least two comments and for whatever reason, they aren't showing! This is Jewlz280. I'm leaving this under 'anonymous' because I wonder if the 3FC URL is causing an issue! Lemme know if you actually see this...

  6. Hey Jewelz! :)

    I can definately see your comment. How are ya girl?!

    I hope all is well withcha!

  7. Hey girl! My weigh in this morning was 158.9..slowly getting down.
    You can do it! We can all do this together :)

  8. Hi michelle!

    Congratulations! Thanks for the support! I really feel that we can do this, I'm working hard this week :)


  9. Gertie! I too tried to leave you a comment, twice, on the other blog and it didn't work. So annoying. Anyhow, I'll try not to be a stranger and I'll attempt to update my blog at some point. Just not into it lately.
    Sue (Yummy Mummy)

  10. Sue!! Gosh I missed you girl! How've you been?!
    sorry for the blog issue 3fc is trying to exile me lol jk.

    Keep it touch! :)