Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Body is On Strike

Just to let you know Amber --- you're not the only one who's been MIA.  I had been feeling a little under the weather in the last 3-4 days (mostly feeling fatigued, minor aches in the heel joints, headaches off and on, and weird stomach phenomenon)

I know it does sound like the flu, but I feel like I'm a walking hangover everyday and I didn't drink. I managed to put some exercise, but I can tell you, I'm not a hundred percent this week (although I did try)

I just couldn't get my old mojo back. Hopefully this next week will be closer to success than the last.

The No Sugar Project is also a bust and I have to say I'm disappointed, but not defeated. I really just need to get back in the old state of mind where I really want to make a difference in my body and right now... it's challenge.

And despite the setbacks this week, I'm am not giving up. I'm putting myself in line and going back to work.So let's start over shall we?

Start Date : August 6, 2011
Current lbs - 160.6 lbs -- yea I know back to square UNO.
Waist - 134"
Arms - 12.5"
Thigh - 22.0"
Bust - 40.0"

Follow Up Date : August 20, 2011
Nutritional Strategy - manage sugar, 80:20 ratio vegetables and protein
Fitness Strategy - 30-60 minute circuit training with target body strength

What about you? How keep the motivational fire burning? How do you set your mind into gear to help you stay focus and on plan? How do you deal with setbacks?


  1. Hey Gertie!
    Well, I have to report that I didn't get very far with my no-sugar attempt either. TOM was on its way and OMGoodness did I crave chocolate... oh dear, oh well.

    I am up a pound also .... so my stats are 169 pounds and no change on the measurements.

    Is your 3FC blog gone entirely now?


  2. Hi Heather! how's it going gf! :))

    Yea... I hear ya on that project of ours lol.. The good thing about it is that we can always start over, but I'm like on my 3rd attempt. I really need to get my act together! hehe

    3FC finally gave me a new url, but I don't think I'll be updating it as often as this one. I was thinking of using it as a food/fitness journal.

    I totally redid the whole thing and here is the url

    I hope you're doing well!