Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yowza! I'm Busy!

Hi Everyone!

First off, thank you - thank you for the awesome comments from the previous post! :) All the encouragement really helps a lot and I appreciate it ladies! :)

I finally had a bit of time to surface up for air every since school started. I've been submerged in school work since Monday.

My mind is in overdrive right now and I figured I need to tone down a bit and relax before I start doing it all over again. I got through clinical lab for week one and lecture by the end of the week.

It really is a humbling experience, it's like when you think you know -- you really don't know.

My professors are just AWESOME ---- they're super helpful and I just love them. The fact that everything (stuff to learn) is being thrown at us at 100 miles per hour, they made it a bit easier by being friendly and approachable.

I haven't had any good night's sleep in the last three days -- probably from all the excitement and rush to get stuff done. Any tips of how to manage anxious nerves and slow down?

I know with this speed -- I'll burn myself out in no time.

Anyway, last weekend was super fun my fiance's brother and his son was here for a visit. We went to the Tehachapi Rodeo and Six Flags Water park --- I had a fabulous time!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. The goal for the week is to be consistent with the diet and put in some exercises as much as I can.

It's really tough to put in personal hours during the week, because I really can't afford to lose time that should be for reading and skills practice.

But it's just the beginning and it's all about adjusting right now -- especially waking up at ungodly hour :)

Much all to everyone!!


  1. I think you've got a good goal, keep the food in check and try and exercise and you're doing good. School needs to come first, especially when you're first getting started and you're needing to work it all out.

  2. Thanks Jitter! :) I'm really working hard to set good habits in the beginning of the school year and the next. I hope all is well with you as well!

  3. Well lets see if this works this time!!! Gertie I am so proud of you doing your schooling. I just graduated April of 2010. Very rewarding indeed

  4. hi lynn!! :) I can't wait to graduate myself! I hope you're having a great week!

  5. We survived the first week! I consider that a major accomplishment!

    My professors are great, too! I'm so excited to see how the semester plays out!

    And, as for the homework, wow. Just, wow. I've been SLAMMED with things to do! I haven't gotten any sleep, and I've been up super early everyday. Wears on a body, fast! I didn't do anything today, and now I regret that. But, everyone needs a break!

    I hope that week 2 goes just as well! :D


  6. WOWZA is right! You HAVE been busy! Glad the visit with the future family members went well. Which suit did you end up getting for the water park? I think you're doing the right thing by planning and attempting to eat right. I think if you make it a priority to do those things it will not only force you to take that much needed down time, but it will also help keep you on track so you don't burn out. What I do is I force myself to try to take 30mins. a day. Set a timer if you have to! During that time, no schoolwork, no housework, no anything that is 'work'. Take a bubble bath, read, journal, whatever. Do the same on the weekends, but give yourself a whole hour. In the end, you'll be glad you did because in the grand scheme, 30mins. isn't much, but it's a lot to save your sanity! I know you can do this! And by this, I mean all of this! :D

  7. It's so awesome that you've got good profs, that sometimes makes all the difference! I'm getting antsy to start school myself (sept. 6). I'm looking forward to being knee deep in studies! :)

  8. thank you :)

    having friendly and approachable professors really helps--- it's easier to ask questions!

    best of luck in your program and enjoy the last bit of freedom lol

    I started school a week and a day ago and I haven't stopped working since -- but I'm having the time of my life!

    keep in touch:)

  9. thanks jewelz! I hope you're doing well and having awesome progress with your weightloss journey! :)

    sorry I haven't been active.. I'm buried in school work :( But I'll read up on your 3fc by this weekend!

    take care!