Monday, August 1, 2011

Brunner's Med-Surg --- Largest Book I have Ever...

Owned. Holy Kumquats it's huge! It's like the Godzilla of all textbooks --- all of its 2240+ pages. FedEx delivered it this morning, so I have one more textbook I have yet to receive.

I'm in a 3 week countdown till first day of school and I'm really trying to enjoy the last days of freedom till I'm all school work and not much time for play.

 My fiance's brother and nephew are coming over in 3 weeks for a weekend visit, so it should be fun. We're heading out to Six Flags Waterpark for some fun which means I have to wear a swimsuit --Eek!

I've been shopping around for something descent and flattering. The vintage 1950s bikini really caught my eye because the bikini bottom is high-waisted, so it sort of hides the jiggles better than the modern bikini cuts

Zen Garden Two Piece
I found this one at but I can't really see myself paying $80 for a stinkin' bikini. So I'm still thinking about it.

The goal this week to establish fitness and food routines for the school year. I am happy to report that this is Day 2 of 21 Sugar Free. Auntie M is on her way out the door, which explains the stable hormones and less sugar cravings.

Happy Monday and this is going to be a great week!


  1. WOW! That is a humongous (sp?) book!!! I'm a little intimidated just looking at it! LOL!!

    Way to go on Day 2!!! You'll be halfway through before you know it!!! :)

    I love, love, love that bathing suit!! It's really cute. But I also think that you could wear whichever type of bathing suit you wanted. Since you've got a couple weeks, maybe check on ebay and see what you can find. There's plenty of time for it to be shipped to ya. Talk to you soon!

  2. You're intimadated? Every time I look at it I scream and point "Ahh Guz-zila!" and run the opposite direction lol

    I love the retro 1950s look. Great idea! I did not think of ebay, I'll definately take and look :) Later chickie-roo! hugs!

  3. That's a really cute bikini!

    Funny you should post your nursing books...I should be starting nursing school in about 2 more semesters- so thanks for the heads up on the books! GAH!!!

  4. Thanks MsElle! I love the flower print :) I ordered something similar in for $24 -- sure beats that 70 they're asking for.

    Best of luck to your nursing school, ahh... 2 more semesters for you.. Enjoy it! hehe

    I'm counting my last days of freedom :)

  5. $24? WOw- that's a great deal. I've gotten some really good steals at Overstock also.

    Yes- 2 more semesters if my (ahem) lovely college quits cutting classes due to budget restraints!

    Anyhow, keep me updated on the nursing school...let me know how it goes. Are you going through a community college RN program?

  6. I starting my ADN program this Fall 2011. Yea my school (like all junior colleges)faced a lot of budgest cuts in the last 2 years. The nursing program in my school had to cut applicants for the RN program from 60 students to 40 this semester.I was #40 on the wait list and barely made the cut lol.

    People I know that are working on their prereqs are enrolling to different nearby colleges (on campus and online) because the wait for classes like Anatomy is just ridiculous so I feel for ya. I actually did that and finished my prereqs a little quicker.

    I know it's frustrating, but you will get there :)

  7. Well it just occured to me that we might be going to the same school- the part about the ridiculous wait for anatomy rang the bell. Do the words A V C mean anything to you?

  8. It IS a small world! My goodness. If you don't mind my asking- how long were you on the waiting list for the RN program?

  9. tell me about it!

    I waited about 3 semesters. I applied for the program and submitted my application June 2010, took my TEAS test, March 2011

  10. Ouch- a little longer then I expected, but hey what can you do.

    Well best of luck, congrats on getting in!

  11. Oh it'll go by fast -- trust me :)

    Thank you and best wishes to you as well! Keep it touch!

  12. I know I've been MIA this week. Sorry about that :)