Monday, August 8, 2011

Secret to Success -- Diet Staple?

 What is the secret to every weightloss success? There's so many opinions and different strategies out there that it is so easy to get lost because each and every one of them contradicts the other in so many ways. But I think it all comes down to what works for the person and her lifestyle.

In my weightloss journey, having a failure proof nutritional strategy is a lot more critical than having a fitness routine. Exercise comes easy for me and I manage to be consistent with it.

Food, on the other hand, is a total different story. When it comes to food, I tend to be a little undisciplined and unpredictable.

My tastebuds are synonymous to a 8-year old diagnosed with A.D.D. I'm constantly looking for the next best palate thrill. I get easily bored with the same type of food --- I strive for variety.

And this is my ultimate diet downfall.

Having a diet staple is indeed a life-saver.
  1. It is versatile enough to keep my palate interested.
  2. It makes food shopping easier because I have a consistent list of foods that I know I can work with
  3. It also prevents me from buying junk food that will sabotage my weightloss efforts.
When junk food isn't hanging around my fridge or pantry -- I won't be eating it. And it is something that worked wonders for me so far.

My diet staple consists of :

MorningStar Veggie Burgers*
Kirkland Mahi-mahi or Salmon*
Lean Ground Beef or Turkey*
Chicken breast (Stater Brothers has the 99 cent/lbs every week -- love a good deal)
Knudsen Lowfat Cottage Cheese*
Milk 2% or Skim milk
Lowfat Yogurt
Egg whites
Kirkland Stirfry Vegetables*
Romaine Lettuce*
2 types of Fruit ie. peaches, cantalope (whichever is on sale I try to stay away from bananas though)
100% Oat bran
la victoria green taco sauce
thai sweet chili sauce
Braggs liquid aminos - low sodium alternative to soy sauce


  1. Hey Gertie!

    I LOVE MorningStar Veggie Burgers! I always had a box in my freezer! Now that I've relocated (Thank goodness, I get to go back soon!) they don't have quite the selection that they did at my previous location. I miss them! I hope you are doing well!


  2. I know I'm all for Morningstar veggie burgers! they're awesome! :)