Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Skills Lab and Week 1 Weigh In

Two weeks in nursing school -- wow.

I honestly don't think what's being taught in nursing is difficult. What makes it difficult is the fact that there's never enough time to do complete and do everything in a regular pace.

I am manage my time and I'm pretty good at it. I am super organized. But I feel like I'm constantly chasing after the clocks.

I know it's not me --- it's just there's a lot of stuff to cover.

Anyway, the weightloss gods granted me the honor of losing 2 lbs in the past 2 weeks. Which leaves me puzzled because for one I only worked out a total of 40 minutes last week. My diet was wholesome, I was eating high fiber bread and desserts.

The only difference was I wasn't eating the same portion like before -- lol I never had time to eat -- I usually grab an apple and yogurt and that's it till dinner time

Oh and wheatgrass juice, I drink that every morning.

Heck I'll take it!

Skills Lab -- Oh my freaking god. What irks me is that the instructors won't do a demo -- they just refers us to the videos. I guess I was expecting this program to be of what I was use to in my pre-req class --- being spoon fed lol.

Definately lots of independent learning, which I'm managing but my own self time suffers because I'm just consumed with nursing school. I breathe, eat, live nursing school  -- but i love it.

Been having trouble sleeping as well. My mind is going 100 miles per hour, going through skills checklists, lectures and everything else in my head that I can't get a good night sleep. I haven't since school started -- it really sucks.

Any tips of how to deccelerate at night? Someone told me sleepytime tea really works. Suggestions I have so far are sleepy time tea, tylenol, or shot of tequila LOL

Margarita anyone?


  1. Put a night routine in to place. When I was working on my masters I became a terrible insomniac (I've always had trouble sleeping, but I'm talking 2 hours a night for weeks on end). I made myself sit down and plan a night schedule, things like:
    1. no caffeine after a certain time (I was addicted to energy drinks so that didn't help, but even ppl who say that caffeine doesn't effect them it does).
    2. no computer after a certain time (an hour before bed is what I went for)
    3. chamomile tea (or other tea that is caffeine free, sleepytime tea is meant to be good but I like my chamomile)
    4. NO STUDY. This is what kills, being able to actually say no work for the last hour before I go to sleep, have some me time.
    5. Ideally spend that last hour doing something enjoyable, read a book, veg out with some TV, have a bath.
    6. Set routine right before bed. Mine was toilet, teeth, change, bed. Don't deviate even to do teeth toilet change bed. Your body responds to routines with chemical release and deviations won't cue it the same way (which you may already know from your pre-training, if not you'll learn all about the cool neurotransmitters).

    Then there are things like 5-HTP which are natural sleeping aids and can help with mood stabilisation. Go to a health store and ask for advice, they will stock 5-HTP or be able to give you other similar products.

  2. Thank you! These are awesome suggestions. I'm definately going to look into the 5-HTP

    Yea I usually study to the last hour, it's going to be difficult leaving an hour open till bed time

  3. I lost weight this week, too, but only because I had about 8 inches of hair cut off! It was too time consuming in the AM, and honestly, I'm too old to wear a younger woman's style.
    As for sleeping? I wear a cpap mask at night, so as soon as I put it on, I'm out.
    Thanks for makes me feel less alone in all this.:)

  4. I've been thinking of cutting mine too.. I hear you on that -- it really is a hassle to fix in the morning especially in our schedule.

    This is gonna sound bad, but I have no time to brush my hair! if it's short I bet it'll be a breeze! lol

    We're in this together! :) Happy studying!