Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PB Cup Finatics --- Feast Your Eyes on This!

I am a lover of peanut butter cups.

I can put Reese's pieces out of business ...

I could eat Peanut butter with rice if I could! ---- Ok. that seem gross, but you get the picture :)

The diet ordeal has put my PB cup days to a stagnant end.  But I think finding this awesome product will get me back to PB heaven.

It's called PB2! It's powdered peanut butter extraordinaire!! I can MAKE my own peanut butter cups with less sugar -- How freaking awesome is that?!

It comes in 2 different flavors : Peanut butter and PB with chocolate. I got the one with chocolate of course.

Anyway, I'm planning to add some PB magic in my vanilla lean shakes to make it a little interesting.

But the possibility of recipe is grand and I can't wait to do some culinary experiments with this baby!

Wooo-pee! :)

Update on the diet front. Diet choices are doing well only because hubby is off travel, so I don't eat as much or often. He seems to make want to eat all the time :-P

Exercise -- I'm heading off to do some ZWOD routine

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I would love to hear from you, so please don't be a stranger and say hi :)


  1. Times like this I am jealous of ya'll living in the US. You have so many more food options than we do.

  2. Girl I got this online! :) I don't think I've seen PB2 in any stores yet

    1. Wow, peanut butter and chocolate mix is just about my favorite! Especially when they are combined to make a gooey sauce... mmm..

      How is the ZWOD treating you? You must be awesome strong by now, following that routine so long!

      Sorry for keeping silent for so long, I was busy holidaying and putting on fat... but more or less back on track again.

      Love your blogspot blog!

      -graatsia from 3FC/OhMyBelly blog.