Friday, March 23, 2012

Last clinic day and counting down to med-surg

I'd hate to jinx myself by saying but it was a good week. Got an 89% on my OB test, I finally had 2 successful IV starts, I've been stellar with my "diet" and overall (other than sleeping a lot less) it's was a good week

My finals is this coming Wednesday and Friday. Now I'm gonna be living underground (on top of all the books I have)

 I have Spring break (woo-hoo!) for a week and back to the grinder with Med-surgery

It's not gonna a total vege for Spring break. I had to do some review on physiology and then start reading the modules for the class

I also wanted to start working out again -- In full force. I'm thinking at least 2x a day for a couple of hours each session .. hehe.. You think it's possible? I will let you know once it's over

Today I was assigned inTriage. It was dead in the first 4 hours then it picked up towards the end of the 6 hours for the day.  I made a comment about the fact that it was "slow" and how "quiet" it was and one of the nurse "scolded" me.

Apparently saying how slow or quite the day was is a Nurse Taboo

I never heard of that and I thought it was kind of silly especially for a profession whose foundations is evidenced-based practice and science, to be slaves of superstition.

The nurse didn't bother to elaborate, she just said it was bad to say that it's slow or quiet. I continued to say it just to piss her off.

She wasn't very friendly.

The theme for the day was baby boys and 16 year old mothers... Which astounded me the first time I pulled the curtain and discovered that my "mom" was a baby herself.

I felt even more awkward when they ask me if I have any kids.

"No but someday yes"..

Usually any females less than 20 usually have a long, difficult labor.. for one their pelvis aren't developed enough to give birth.. so I feel so bad for them because I know it's gonna be hell in the next several hours till that baby is born

Some of these girls are super petite.. theyre really just bellies.

I tried my very best today to make them feel supported. I mean I can imagine how freaking scary this all is.

I think that's what I love most about nursing. Is feeling needed and knowing you made a difference in their lives. That rapport you build with your patients is so intoxicating.


  1. Sounds super stressful! Good for you for getting through the week :)

    Have a lovely weekend! My dad's a doctor and there are certain things not to say around his work area too.

  2. Thanks girl :)! Yea I thought it was weird for medical professionals to be so superstitious lol oh well!

  3. gertie,
    I hope you have very unstressful spring break.


  4. I've heard the same thing, never say its slow because then something bad will happen and it will get insanely busy.

    Enjoy your break, and enjoy physiology study. Love physiology although I hate nerves, I hate having to teach action potentials. Like you my break is coming up too, and I'll be going over that again so that it looks like I know what I'm talking about when I have to teach it LOL

  5. Thank you ladies :) I am soooo ready for spring break!

    Yea I have to review action potentials too, especially with the cardiac stuff.. I'm so dreading ECGs!!

  6. No no no! Its a saying for everywhere you never say it's slow and quiet or there hasn't been an alarm in a while because once you do...arg! lol

    Glad things are going well for you! I'm glad you had an awesome and now it's spring break! woot! :D

  7. Funny how superstitious people can be! I hope that you find some time to relax on break- don't too much work or it won't be a break!

    You asked about my diet: I basically calorie count, but I don't restrict what I eat, just how much of it. I stick to right about 1250 calories a day, sometimes as much as 1500, sometimes as little 1000 depending on how hungry I am. I try to aim for at least 1200 though to stay in a healthy range. I do very well when I limit my fat intake, but I eat a lot of carbs. I think it depends on each persons body as to what will work for them.

  8. Heyy! :)

    Thank you for your kind comment earlier! Btw, I really like your main blog! :D AND WOW! I DIn't know you are a nursing student!! YAY! :D We are in the same field! ^__^ How long is nursing school? I read on your blog your on the 2nd semester? Is this long? O__O?