Saturday, March 17, 2012

Five Days Sugar Free

Take that! Mr. Fat!

It has been 5 days since I had any dessert.  And it has been a rough ride. Sugar/Dessert is an addiction for me. I crave it and fantasize about it. It's always in my face

When I'm feeling crappy, I get the urge to go to the store and buy a bagful of chocolate kisses.

It's not a pretty site.

Couple months back I went to Vegas and boughy 2 dozen french macarroons


It was suppose to be for my Mom and sister --- a thank you present for house-sitting for us that weekend. Well it never got to them since I ate every stinking cute yummy morsels

These babies are pure white sugar and egg whites. I couldn't resist the merenge consistency and the chocolate ganash or rasberry filling or the pistachio cream center.

Yes I have a problem. I don't have the control to take a bite and walk way --- not yet anyway.

I also cannot be in the same room with ANY type of dessert.  Hello, my name is Gertie and I'm a sugar addict.

But I'm so proud of my progress so far. I haven't succumb to the call of the sugary siren. So I know I'll get stronger eventually

I can feel it.

So what do I do when I get that feeling that I need something sweet? (this usually happens after any meal)

I drink tea with honey. For some reason, the warm liquid puts out the cravings.

Anyway, I'm taking baby steps. I'm fighting sugar now and that's all I'm concentrating on.

School-wise -- I have 2 days of clinic left in OB. I get to work with the nurses in the Operating Room and get to watch a Cesarean birth. It was pretty exciting. I never thought that when the surgeon take a low transverse cut through the amniotic sac that it bursts like a freaking geyzer.  There is a splash zone in the OR (I thanked my lucky stars I wasn't in it at the time)

It was very exciting. I always found myself getting emotional and teary eyed every time babies are born. It's truly a miracle.

It feels like these adorable babies are my own. In essence, I feel like I have 5 kids in counting

Does the experience make me want to have kids? --- Hell to the Fracking No :)


  1. woot, now I must stalk you on here instead of 3FC word press. hehe. I think it's because of the sweet taste of honey is what helps with the sugar craving because you're still getting the sugar from it in you, plus honey is sooo good :D keep it up. I don't think our demons ever go away even when we get to where we want to go. They'll always be a struggling battle even after we lose our weight and fight to maintain! You're doing amazing keep it up!

  2. That could be it! It's a nicotine patch! lol