Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally! I'm busting out for Spring Break!! -- Woo-hoo!!

Hey lovelies,

Thank you so much for the being a regular visitor and leaving awesome comments. I love hearing from y'all! :)

So I emerged from my study hole and took the final this morning. I had breakfast --- steak and eggs burritos from Carl's Jr. LOL

I didn't want my stomach to make whiney noises while I'm taking the test. So I grabbed the quick bite. I know it's not the greatest choice. Bad Gertie.. Bad! *hand slap*

But I made up for the gigantic caloric load by having sensible dinner. So I think we're even.

So quick note on one of my readers question about the nursing program.  I'm the ADN program, which is 2 years of school. I graduate Spring 2013 -- which is SOO right around the corner. It's so crazy how things are just going by real fast.

I'm planning to get my Bachelors after 1 year of just working. I figured that would help me having some experience under my belt. I just found out from my friend S that there's a BSN-MS program you can take at Mr. Saint Mary's College, so I'm looking into that as well.

But right now, I'm just focusing on passing second semester. I'll be brushing on physiology and doing a whole alot of reading.

Nursing school is a whole different universe that transforms who you are and your way of thinking.

It takes over EVERYTHING. But I don't see it as something negative. I am committed to this, so what else is there to expect?

Some people notice other people's clothes when they meet them. Others notices their looks. I, on the other hand do mental care plans of people I met. Oh yea and veins.. I look at people's veins and think about how am I gonna start IVs on them.. yes weird! But it happens hehe

Yea I'm such I nerd.. don't I know it. :)

So I'm officially on VACA!!!  My plan? I'm gonna work out and eat right. And update the good ol' blog daily!

But tonight -- I'm kicking off my shoes and having a smirnoff :) Night y'all! *paula dean style*


  1. LOL occupational hazard I guess. My dad is a doctor and he can't help but speak down to people giving them advice :)

    Have a wonderful Spring Break!

  2. Thanks hon! Hope you're having a fabulous week too :)