Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's rotting in my closet

Cute Clothes I couldn't wear - argh!

I started off this awesome break with some major cleaning. I was organizing my closet and found all the adorable outfits that's been waiting for me to try on, but I've gotten way "happy" to wear them.

This one is so perfect for spring - I adore white sundresses!

Love the texture of this outfit
I'm just so bummed I can't quite "fit" in it the way I want it to fit. But the season is young and nothing motivates me more.

I've noticed that I've been way too comfortable being frumpy and not taking care of myself as I should. Somehow I managed to trade in my jeans with wearing stretchy pants instead.

Come to think of it I've been coming to class wearing yoga pants all semester.

I remember reading some of my favorite bloggers saying that she wears her tightest jeans to prevent her from going off plan. It really is an awesome idea!

Today I started off with egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast. I haven't had any lunch only because I don't feel hungry just yet.

I've been cleaning the house so I'm adding that for today's workout. I promise I will bust out my workout DVDs and do one later in the afternoon.

Till then happy living! :)


  1. Nothing like clothes in the closet to use as measurement of progress :) I love shopping my closet!

    Have a wonderful spring break! I remember when I was in college, sweatpants and hoodies were my outfits haha!

    thank you for the shoutout <3 I've missed seeing your posts since my blog hiatus and so glad I found you again haha!

  2. Gertie,
    I live in mens tank tops and sweat shorts almost all year round. Sometimes I just don't get dressed at all because I don't want to dirty the laundry. I have no pretty dresses to be excited about getting into but maybe I should buy one to motivate me.The textures you have presented look absolutely fabulous feeling. By the way I lost 6lbs this week and I have returned to being back under 300 lbs.But I am still making modifications to my diet and still struggling with eating late at night.